Robert J Burrowes – The Strategy of Nonviolent Defense

24th October 2015 / Books

Robert J Burrowes addresses the question of whether nonviolent defense can be an effective strategy against military violence. Drawing from the strategic theory of Carl von Clausewitz, the nonviolence of Mahatma Gandhi, and recent human needs and conflict theory, Burrowes develops a new strategic theory of nonviolent defense.

“The author does an exceptional job at questioning underlying assumptions (for example patriarchy, political realism, and the elitism of states). As a scholar in the area of nonviolent defense in my own right, I found myself personally benefited by this book’s theme of moving beyond a statist perspective on conflict toward one which recognizes the non-satisfying of human needs as the cause of conflict.” — Norman C. Freund, author ofNonviolent Defense: A Philosophical Inquiry into Applied Nonviolence.

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