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TruePublica has been free to all readers since it started in 2015. It still is, but we want to continue to provide better content and of course, this costs money. We have started accepting some advertising to help fund the future of TruePublica, which remains a non-profit. One project we would like to develop is an exclusive ‘opinion former’ using the strapline – “if it’s a matter of opinion, make yours matter” to assist readers in forming their own in a very fast-changing world. We would like exclusive points of view on current events that affect us all in the UK from some of the most respected independent journalists, writers and researchers – again this costs money. So, if you would like to help our cause of writing, publishing and aggregating the truth so you don’t have to – please consider donating, every penny helps – it really does. Most donations are £12 and if you would like to donate more than on the drop-down menu, please contact the editor.

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We do not want to deceive our loyal readers in any way. So, please do not waste our time submitting nonsense made up articles loaded with links to dodgy websites. We don’t advertise anything immoral, unethical or contrary to the principles of TruePublica’s mission. Should you wish to advertise see ‘Adverting with TruePublica’ for more details.


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We welcome article submissions from journalists, researchers, academics, professionals, transparent think tanks and charities and members of the public. For detailed guidelines, please email truepublica (at) gmail. In brief, we will consider article submissions that – take into consideration the aims of TruePublica, are topical, well researched with supporting evidence with a word count of somewhere between 750 to 1500. A brief bio is essential.