Stock markets fall the world over

7th March 2022 / NewsBits
  • U.S. stock futures and global equity indexes dropped as the threat of a potential ban on Russian oil imports spurred a surge in energy prices that investors worry could smother economic growth, especially in Europe.
  • Food, energy, transport costs all surging all over the world.
  • Oil hits $130 a barrel – the result (just today):
  • Turkey: -0.3%, Australia: -1%, Netherlands: -1.6%, UK: -1.8%, Poland: -1.8%, China: -2.1%, Sweden: -2.9%, Japan: -2.9%, India: -2.9%, Switzerland: -3% ,Belgium: -3.2%, Italy: -3.3%, France: -3.4%, Spain: -3.4%, and Germany: -3.5%



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