Brexit – A corporate coup d’etat

Well before David Cameron announced the EU referendum, powerful, often shadowy foreign actors had been lobbying for years to install those who shared their vision of Britain’s future into critical positions of influence. Right-wing free-market fundamentalists agitating for Brexit secured positions in high office and the very corridors of power. Collectively, they established and built authoritative organisations to ensure that Brexit was not a wasted opportunity to push forward the next stage of the global reign of free markets.




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Thomas Piketty’s seminal book ‘Capital in the 21st Century’ stated that “no government programme could be sustained without an apparatus of justification.” This architecture, as Picketty asserts, is that without the think tanks, corporate lobbyists, disinformation and propaganda, false expert reports and spin doctors – change programmes such as Brexit would be politically unattainable.

This book explains how, after connecting the dots, democracy came second in an EU referendum where subversive corporate forces facilitated by failed political protections overpowered Britain’s electoral system and overwhelmed it’s governing commission.

This book names the bad actors in the ‘Brexit Syndicate,’ the transatlantic lobbying firms, think tanks and what turned out to be front charities. It brings to light ‘dark money’ and prises open some of their shameful, immoral and often illegal campaigns.

Exposed in this book is a scandalous plan, long in the making to dismantle the welfare state and privatise the NHS with American corporations already secretly installed and writing public health policies in Britain.

Uncovered is the story of how American corporations and lobbyists have unprecedented access to British parliamentarians looking to influence the outcome of Brexit in their favour.

Also uncovered is another scandal, brushed under the carpet, about what the British pollsters knew and what they did with that information, and how some of Britain’s top business bosses have been gagged and openly threatened by government officials with job and business losses for speaking out against leaving the European Union.

Brexit has always been sold to the public as freedom from the red tape of a failing EU bureaucracy and their meddling in sensitive areas of sovereignty such as immigration and judicial decisions that Britain escaped, not the destruction of public protections put in place to ensure civil society thrives. This book examines the language of Brexit, the illegal strategies, the scale and use of military perfected social engineering systems and the extent of international money pushed at ensuring Britain’s exit from the EU.

There is a politically explosive question that has not been asked by the print or broadcast media; was Brexit both predetermined and then engineered as an outcome – this book answers that question.

Brexit – A corporate coup d’etat is about what galvanised those in the know, the real motivations behind Brexit, how they did it and what we can expect in a future that was the result of the biggest corporate coup d’etat in history.


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Mo Stewart – Cash Not Care: The planned demolition of the UK welfare state

Published in Sept 2016, which attracted wide critical acclaim Cash Not Care is the result of seven years of independent research by former healthcare professional Mo Stewart, which exposes the influence since 1992 of a corporate American health insurance giant with future UK welfare reforms. The evidence the Cameron Cabinet Office attempted and failed to suppress is now available in the public domain.

“Government is entitled to ensure that benefits are given to those with a genuine entitlement and to assess people. But the process must be professional and honest. In this book Mo Stewart peels back the layers of deception, and the confused thinking that underpins the destruction of social support for disabled people… Some of those assessed as fit for work died just afterwards. Others died later and some committed suicide. Stewart names names. She shows where and how the policies originated. She destroys all claims that they were based on solid research. To understand what is happening and why, this is the book to read and I thank Mo Stewart for writing it.

Sir Bert Massie CBE, DL ~ Chair, Disability Rights Commission 2000 – 2007

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Mark Curtis: Secret Affairs : Britain’s Collusion with Radical Islam

This updated edition of Secret Affairs covers the momentous events of the past year in the Middle East and at home in the UK.

It reveals the unreported attempts by Britain to cultivate relations with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt after the fall of Mubarak, the military intervention on the side of Libyan rebel forces which include pro-al-Qaeda elements, and the ongoing reliance on the region’s ultimate fundamentalist state, Saudi Arabia, to safeguard its interest in the Middle East.

It illuminates path of Salman Abedi, the bomber who attacked Manchester in May 2017, and his terror network: how he fought in Libya in 2011 as part of a group of fighters which the UK allowed to leave the country to go and battle against Gadafi to topple him.

In this ground-breaking book, Mark Curtis reveals the covert history of British collusion with radical Islamic and terrorist groups.

Secret Affairs shows how governments since the 1940s have connived with militant forces to control oil resources and overthrow governments.

The story of how Britain has helped nurture the rise of global terrorism has never been told.

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Craig Murray: Sikunder Burnes: Master of the Great Game

This is an astonishing true tale of espionage, journeys in disguise, secret messages, double agents, assassinations and sexual intrigue. Alexander Burnes was one of the most accomplished spies Britain ever produced and the main antagonist of the Great Game as Britain strove with Russia for control of Central Asia and the routes to the Raj. There are many lessons for the present day in this tale of the folly of invading Afghanistan and Anglo-Russian tensions in the Caucasus. Murray’s meticulous study has unearthed original manuscripts from Montrose to Mumbai to put together a detailed study of how British secret agents operated in India.

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TruePublica – Britain’s Last Gasp

Find Out Who Is Systematically Deconstructing Britain

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John Pilger – The New Rulers of the World

Pilger tackles the injustices and double standards inherent in the politics of globalization and exposes the terrible truth behind the power and wealth of states and corporations

John Pilger is one of the world’s renowned investigative journalists and documentary filmmakers. In this classic book, with an updated introduction, he reveals the secrets and illusions of modern imperialism. Beginning with Indonesia, he shows how General Suharto’s bloody seizure of power in the 1960s was part of a western design to impose a “global economy” on Asia. A million Indonesians died as the price for being the World Bank’s “model pupil.” In a shocking chapter on Iraq, he delineates the true nature of the West’s war against the people of that country. And he dissects, piece by piece, the propaganda of the ‘war on terror’ to expose its Orwellian truth. Finally, he looks behind the picture-postcard image of his homeland, Australia, to illuminate an enduring legacy of imperialism: the subjugation of the First Australians.

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Jonathan Cook: Disappearing Palestine – Israel’s experiment in Human Despair

In Disappearing Palestine, Jonathan examines the enduring themes of Zionist colonisation of Palestine, arguing that Israel has developed and refined policies to disperse, imprison and impoverish the Palestinian people in a relentless effort to destroy them as a nation. The West Bank and Gaza have been transformed into laboratories for testing the infrastructure of confinement, creating a lucrative ‘defence’ industry by pioneering technologies for crowd control, surveillance, collective punishment and urban warfare. The goal of these ever more sophisticated systems of curfews, checkpoints, walls, permits and land grabs is the disappearance of Palestine.

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Paul Craig Roberts – How the Economy Was Lost: The War of the Worlds

The US economy has disintegrated, and with it into the abyss plummet the blueprints of neoliberal economists, whose theories about “the free market” have now gone the way of medieval alchemy. No voice has been stronger, no prose more forceful, than that of Paul Craig Roberts in predicting collapse. His weekly columns in CounterPunch have won an audience of millions around the world, grateful for a trained economist who can explain lucidly how the well-being of the planet has been held hostage by the gangster elite. Now Dr. Roberts has written the shortest, sharpest outline of economics for the twenty-first century ever put between book covers. He traces the path to ruin and lays out the choices that must be made. There is the “empty world” of corporate exploitation, abetted by the vast majority of economists; or the “full world” of responsible management and distribution of our resources. Amid crisis, this is the guide you’ve been waiting for.

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Stephen Lendman – Flashpoint in Ukraine

Flashpoint in Ukraine provides insight into today’s gravest geopolitical crisis since WW II.

Viewed from the perspective of the 22 highly-credentialed analysts who have contributed to this anthology, it’s an entirely different story. Obama’s pivot is global, in pursuit of unchallenged worldwide dominance, leading to multiple direct and proxy wars. Neocon-dominated Washington seeks to marginalize its Russian and Chinese rivals, surrounding both countries with US bases. Ukraine is in the eye of the storm, the crown jewel of NATO eastward expansion, the last step in Washington’s drive to incorporate all former Soviet republics and Warsaw Pact countries into NATO and install missile defense sites on Russia’s very border.

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