The aims of TruePublica, as one of the UK’s top sources of independent news, is to publish news, analysis, commentary and research on events of public interest (hence the Latin – ‘Publica’) and to raise awareness of misinformation, disinformation, fake news and propaganda.

TruePublica is an independent media source that is quoted, cited, republished, referenced and translated all over the world.

We are particularly focused on challenging current neoliberal ideology and a toxic political environment that is causing a wave of disruption as western countries move from one social and economic crisis to another.

We support the principles of real democracy (the will of the people), capitalism (price discovery, not rigged markets) and civil liberty (freedom from state interference).

TruePublica also acts as a hub, liaising with partner organisations and individuals with similar aims. We are privately managed and made up of contributing journalists, writers, authors, researchers and both industry and academic professionals.

The purpose of TruePublica is to enable more informed decisions and opinions on matters such as civil liberty, human rights, privacy, social, economic and environmental issues as well as pivotal events such as Brexit.



TruePublica evolved from a project started in 2012 through a website that offered an alternative view on current affairs, particularly in Britain. At its peak, the website reached over 1 million users a week, was as a top 1 per cent social media performer and rated “politically influential.” It was featured on well-known and highly influential outlets around the world – and attracted writers from national newspapers and political policy writers, amongst others.

By 2015, it was obvious that fake news, misinformation and propaganda was a driving force behind much of the political outcomes being experienced today, which inspired us to help the wider public understand the importance of questioning and researching these important public interest topics.

At this point, ViewPublica was formed as a political campaigning and public affairs organisation.

TruePublica will shine a light on political parties, the corporations that fund them and their lobbyists along with providing informed commentary from some of the most well-known journalists from around the world whose truth-telling is second to none – often award-winning.


In September 2019, TruePublica became a media partner of the United Nations (UN News) and TruePublica Video News was launched the same month.


We are also a proud member of The Media Fund, a cooperative of independent media outlets free of corporate or government control.





In addition to TruePublica,  NewsPublica.com was launched in 2017.

NewsPublica.com aggregates news articles, along with UN News covering topics we all need to know about irrespective of political bias. Part of the reason for visiting NewsPublica is to ensure you are not in a self-constructed or force-fed echo chamber, so you are exposed to opposing views to increase your knowledge and understanding of what is rapidly becoming a very confusing world. We post political news from socialist, liberal, centrist and conservative outlets along with some of their harshest critics from the most well known and fearless bloggers and fact-checkers to support the truth.

The website generates the latest articles, stories and information each time you visit or refresh the page.

In 2006, about 65 per cent of the general public believed what they read in British newspapers, today this high level of trust has crashed to under 30 per cent. In fact, trust in the four institutions of government, business, media and NGO’s has taken a dramatic dive in just the last three years alone.

There are many posts published on this website from various journalists. They represent the views and opinions of the authors as they see the world from their perspective. These are not necessarily the views of TruePublica, NewsPublica, its editors or supporters.


TruePublica is a member of the Media Fund

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Our Founder and contributing editor Graham Vanbergen is a member of the British Association of Journalists, author and columnist for The Political Anthropologist, the European Financial Review and World Financial Review. TruePublica and NewsPublica is funded by donations from the public, book sales and advertising revenue.


Complaints or errors

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