Sugar-Coated Lies: How The Food Lobby Destroys Health In The EU

By Colin Todhunter - Over half the population of the European Union (EU) is overweight or obese. Without effective action, this number will grow substantially in the next decade warns →

29th July 2016 / EU

Ban of Russian Olympic Team – Cold War at Its ‘Best’!

By Andre Vltchek - The Empire is becoming thoroughly unpredictable. It is attacking on all fronts. It lost all its shame and decency. New Cold War is now in full swing →

28th July 2016 / Global

The Global Trade System is Broken, is Brexit the UK’s Moment

By Global Justice - In response to the seismic political and economic events that have shaped the past decade, a growing number of countries are rethinking their trade relations. This has →

28th July 2016 / United Kingdom

‘Economy of Resistance’ Liberates Iran from Sanctions: Former World Bank Economist

The following is part two and the last part of the interview: The Economic Development and Resistance Economy of Iran with Peter Keonig, former World Bank economist. Whistle-blowers reporting the corruption inside →

28th July 2016 / Global

Saleh v. Bush – The Case Against George Bush and Accomplices Goes to Appeal

By Witness Iraq - Comar Law is challenging the legality of the Iraq War in U.S. Federal Court. Saleh v. Bush, now on appeal in the Ninth Circuit, is seeking a court order declaring the →

27th July 2016 / Global

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