Mo Stewart – Cash Not Care: The planned demolition of the UK welfare state

12th June 2018 / Books

Published in Sept 2016, which attracted wide critical acclaim Cash Not Care is the result of seven years of independent research by former healthcare professional Mo Stewart, which exposes the influence since 1992 of a corporate American health insurance giant with future UK welfare reforms. The evidence the Cameron Cabinet Office attempted and failed to suppress is now available in the public domain.

“Government is entitled to ensure that benefits are given to those with a genuine entitlement and to assess people. But the process must be professional and honest. In this book Mo Stewart peels back the layers of deception, and the confused thinking that underpins the destruction of social support for disabled people… Some of those assessed as fit for work died just afterwards. Others died later and some committed suicide. Stewart names names. She shows where and how the policies originated. She destroys all claims that they were based on solid research. To understand what is happening and why, this is the book to read and I thank Mo Stewart for writing it.

Sir Bert Massie CBE, DL ~ Chair, Disability Rights Commission 2000 – 2007

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