Data Protection Bill must give privacy groups right to lodge complaints

17th September 2017 / Contributor News
Data Protection Bill must give privacy groups right to lodge complaints

By Open Rights Group: ORG welcomes the Data Protection Bill, which will improve our ability to control how data is collected and used. However, the Government has failed to enact all of the options outlined in the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR.

Executive Director Jim Killock said:


“The UK has neglected an important option in the General Data Protection Regulation, which gives consumer privacy groups like Open Rights Group the ability to lodge independent data protection complaints.

“It is almost impossible for the average person to know how their data is being collected, shared and sold by social media platforms, advertisers and other businesses. We may not know which companies hold data about us. Privacy groups can therefore play an important role in protecting consumers by taking independent action against companies that fail to protect our data protection rights.”


“Open Rights Group wants to be able to campaign on behalf of people who are afraid of complaining or do not realise that they have been affected.”

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