Felicity Arbuthnot

1st August 2016 / Contributors
Felicity Arbuthnot

Felicity Arbuthnot is a British freelance journalist who has visited Iraq dozens of times since the 1991 Gulf War. She has written and broadcast widely on Iraq, one of the few journalists to cover Iraq extensively even in the mid-1990’s during the sanctions and reporting on the devastating effects that took place prior to America’s attack that killed over one million civilians.

Felicity worked as senior researcher on John Pilger’s film “Paying the Price — Killing the Children of Iraq”, which investigated and told the story of the devastating effects of the United Nations sanctions on people of Iraq.

She is also the author, with Nikki van der Gaag, of published Baghdad in the educational Great Cities of the World Series for World Almanac Library and Denis Halliday Returns for RTE (Ireland.) Felicity is a regular contributor to the New Internationalist, The London Progressive Journal, Global Research, Dissident Voice and many well known and respected news outlets and was nominated for the Lorenzo Natali Award for Human Rights Journalism.

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