Bloody Tuesday in Palestine – Soldiers and police kill with impunity

10th March 2016 / Global
Israeli media are as deplorably one-sided as Western sources – ignoring institutionalised racism, apartheid worse than South Africa’s, militarised occupation harshness, consistently blaming defenceless Palestinians for state-sponsored high crimes.
Tuesday was bloodier than usual. Israeli soldiers murdered 50-year-old mother of five Fadwa Ahmad Mohammad Abu Teir in cold blood – the usual canard given as justification, Israeli sources saying she “pulled a knife and attempted to stab a soldier.”
Eyewitnesses said she threatened no one. Israeli soldiers willfully assassinated her. No knife or other weapon was found near her body.
One eyewitness said “I could see with my own eyes there was no knife on the ground.” Israel claiming otherwise was the usual Big Lie following state-sponsored killings.
Dr. Amin Abu Ghazala said she was fatally shot in her right eye and abdomen, left bleeding to death unaided. Israeli forces prevented medical personnel from reaching her.
Earlier, Amnesty International’s Philip Luther accused Israel of “ripping up the rule book and resorting to extreme and unlawful measures.”
Lethal force is indiscriminately used in situations where no threats exist. Bloody Tuesday saw three other Palestinians shot dead in Occupied East Jerusalem.
An American tourist was killed. Around a dozen Israelis were injured. Regime authorities and supportive media consistently call Palestinian victims “terrorists.”
A disgraceful Haaretz report was typical, saying “Israel was engulfed by a wave of terror attacks on Tuesday” – ignoring Netanyahu’s daily reign of terror against an entire Palestinian population, soldiers and police licensed to kill with impunity, no one held accountable for cold-blooded murder.
The New York Times highlighted the killing of US graduate student Taylor Force, ignoring the cold-blooded murder of four Palestinians – nearly 200 extrajudicially executed since last October 1, defenseless against Israeli rampaging.
In Israel on a two-day visit, Joe Biden ignored Israeli assassins, condemning deceased Palestinian victims.
The International Middle East Media Center posted a video relating to one Tuesday incident, an Israeli soldier or police officer heard saying:
“In the head. Shoot him in the head, brother! All respect, you are a king!” Another voice added “(i)f he is lying on the ground, why don’t you shoot him directly?”
Palestine is a virtual war zone, Israeli ruthlessness threatening the entire population.
Washington provides full support and encouragement, contemptuous of fundamental Palestinian rights.
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