Brazil – Dilma – Don’t Let Go! Open Letter to President Dilma Rousseff

28th April 2016 / Global

Dear President Rousseff,

Please do not let go! Don’t let the corrupt neoliberal right wing with the help – no, at the instigation of Washington steal your country – take away Brazil from the Brazilians, rip-off and destroy all you and Lula have achieved in the last 14 years, free education, health services, efficient and modern public transportation, a basic social safety net – a more equal society. During the past decade and a half, you were able to distribute the benefits of Brazil’s riches to the majority of Brazilians, slowly turning the tide from the oligarchs, the latifundios – to the people, to those who work the lands, who have built and are still building and are eager to continue building a Brazil for all Brazilians.

The dying beast in the North is roaring; it cannot tolerate a free and autonomous ‘backyard’. A new sort of ‘coups’ is being invented – less blood, more fraud, election fraud, like in Argentina and, and in Venezuela and .

In the case of Brazil, it is legislative fraud, buying and putting into key positions crook-politicians, like Vice-President Michel Temer and Eduardo Cunha, President of the Lower House, who miraculously ascended (was ‘elected’) to his current position in February 2015 – and this in the midst of the huge, so-called ‘Car Wash’ corruption scandal, in which he is involved with bribes amounting to tens of millions of dollars allegedly from Petrobras. A similar parliamentary impeachment coup was carried out in Uruguay in 2012, removing President Fernando Lugo, by the same US instigators. The pattern is notorious.

The accusations – and proofs – against Eduardo Cunha, are disproportionally graver than the mild accusations of ‘administrative accounting’ manipulation that Dilma Rousseff is alleged having committed. Though there is no proof of this in the case of President Rousseff, every country and its neighbor does it. Among the worst offenders of this practice is the North American creation of NATO in Europe.

Please, Dilma, do not allow the oligarchs and latifundios to return and to run Brazil under the direction of Washington. Mr. Temer has already mentioned how, as new President, he would undo the social benefits and equality you and your predecessor have let Brazilians enjoy; he would return Brazil to the bankers, J.P. Morgan and Goldman Sachs, and of course to the IMF – back to the debt trap, call it the death knell.

Just look what is happening to your southern neighbor Argentina under the neoliberal, also Washington imposed Mauricio Macri, who is selling the country back to the debt czars, Wall Street, the FED and – of course – also the all commanding IMF. In his four months in government, he has already rolled back Argentina’s economy – some call it ‘fast-forwarded’ – to the levels of 2004 / 2005, with poverty levels at 34% by end of March 2016, up from about 12% last November. Unemployment and inflation are exploding after Macri terminated contracts of over 120,000 state employees, giving an example to private industry to do likewise. He also vowed more was to come.

On the day of his inauguration, 10 December, as he promised before, Macri set the peso afloat, triggering a devaluation of at one point close to 60% (from about 9.4 pesos to the US dollar in November 2015 to 15.8 pesos at the end of February 2016). It has since recovered slightly, hovering presently at around 14 pesos to the dollar (30% devaluation from pre-December 10 levels). The ensuing inflation is enormous, sinking already a vast segment of Argentinians into poverty. And this is only the beginning.

Brazil’s Attorney General, Eduardo Cardozo, declared the impeachment process against you, President Rousseff, illegal. He calls it an attempted ‘coup d’état’

This is done as an outright state delinquency, hardly evidenced anywhere in the world. The Brazilian coup executioners, puppets of the Washington masters, are crooks, with corruption trials around their necks. Yet they proceed, of course with the full in-country political support of the chief instigators sitting in and around the White House in Washington. The world is just a silent onlooker. The six Anglo-Saxon western media giants which literally control 90% of all the ‘news’ consumed by the west, make sure there is no mainstream paper or TV station that dares questioning this flagrantly illegal and anti-democratic process. – If it wasn’t such a horrendous fraud on the Brazilian people, it could be seen as a previously unheard-of laughable political soap opera.

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You, Dilma, and Lula have liberated Brazil from western colonization – which was maintained by US-supported military dictatorships during the last century. Don’t let it go back. Defend your position; with force if it must be. I join my friend Andre Vltchek, when he calls on you to use muscle to counter this coup of the neo-oligarchs and latifundios, and protect Brazilians from another onslaught of neoliberal economic fascism (

Ban all western mainstream media in Brazil! – This is not censuring ‘free expression’- this is stopping the lie propaganda machine against your government, against your achievements. Prevent the manipulation of people’s minds by the presstitute western communication systems. There is hardly anybody in the world who does not know that this so-called ‘information media’ has nothing to do any more with the old believe of the ‘right to free speech’ and ‘free expression’ as an essential virtue of democracy.

This type of democracy, the one that was thought out by Greek philosophers in Delphi some 2,500 years ago, doesn’t exist anymore. It was hijacked long ago, gradually, almost imperceptibly, by Washington and its allies and vassals. Now it’s a shell of propaganda; words that can be manipulated to fit any believe – and people at large still swallow it as ‘democracy’.

Bring the tanks to the streets, surrounding the ‘Palácio do Planalto’ – by no means for provoking violence, but for showing the President’s power to protect the people and the country from theft by the neo-fascists and foremost from the interests of Washington, who are behind this incredible spectacle of literally ordering and directing a bunch of crooks – criminal crooks that is – to take over Brazil and its riches, as proxies for US interests – and of course, to break apart the block of the BRICS countries that together with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) are seriously threating the western dollar-based casino system (

Brazil is rich alright, in natural resources, and so is Argentina, and so is Peru, Venezuela, Bolivia Ecuador – all of Latin America is rich in those resources the west covets for its lush standard of living and to feed its war machine – almost the only generator of GDP, plus consumption, of course; an endless and ever growing circle of armed conflicts and globe destructive consumption.

The Amazon and Guarani Basins

But what is the particular resource of which Brazil has arguably one of the largest reservoirs? Water. Fresh water. Water fit for drinking after relatively simple purification. The entire Amazon Basin, almost half of the country’s surface, is covered with a nearly endless stream of waterways. The FAO estimates that about 12% of the world’s surface fresh water is located in Brazil. This amounts to a total of about 8.2 billion cubic meters (BCM) per year, of renewable water, of which 6.3 BCM originate in Brazil. This corresponds to a per capita availability of more than 43,000 m3 per year, compared with the world average of about 8,200 m3. – In addition, Brazil counts with 112,000 km3 of good quality renewable groundwater.

Another little known, and especially little talked about fresh water groundwater reserve is the Guarani aquifer, named after the Guarani people. It covers 1.2 million km2 and lays beneath the surface of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. Its water volume is estimated at 37,000 km3 (37 BCM), by far exceeding the surface water in Brazil. It is arguably the world’s largest single body of underground water, with an annual recharge rate of an estimated 170 km3 (The Great Artesian Basin in Australia, below 23% of the Continent’s surface, contains about 65,000 km3 (65 BCM) of fresh water, but is not comprised in a single aquifer and is vulnerable to cyclical droughts).

These enormous water reservoirs are invaluable. They far exceed already today the value of all the world’s known hydrocarbon deposits. In less than 20 years the earth is expected to suffer serious water shortages. Some areas have suffered from water scarcities already for years, and they are growing and expanding gradually to other regions of the globe.

Not because water is actually disappearing from the world’s ecosystems. Not at all. The total amount of water on Mother Earth is constant. But it is ever more contaminated by our consumption and greed driven industry. The powers that be, and responsible for most of the resources’ pollution, know about it, and are attempting to appropriate the still existing unspoiled waters to feed their elites, when We, the People, are perishing from lack of water and lack of food due to lack of water.

No wonder, the Unites States of Chaos and Greed has a vital but, of course, unspoken interest in these water resources, especially those in its southern ‘backyard’. One could revise Henry Kissinger’s infamous edict on controlling the world, ‘who controls the water controls the universe’.

Dear Dilma – please do not let go! – Do not allow the neo-fascist elite, driven by the northern empire take over your country, the country of Brazilians, and their invaluable resources – especially humanity’s lifeline – water.


Peter Koenig is an economist and geopolitical analyst. He is also a former World Bank staff and worked extensively around the world in the fields of environment and water resources. He writes regularly for Global Research, ICH, RT, Sputnik, PressTV, CounterPunch, TeleSur, The Vineyard of The Saker Blog, and other internet sites. He is the author of Implosion – An Economic Thriller about War, Environmental Destruction and Corporate Greed – fiction based on facts and on 30 years of World Bank experience around the globe. He is also a co-author of The World Order and Revolution! – Essays from the Resistance.

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