Vacation Idea: Teach your children how to fear and kill Palestinians

29th January 2018 / Global

By TruePublica: Here’s a vacation idea if you fancy spending your hard-earned cash going to Israel for a well-earned break. You can participate in the Caliber 3, the “anti-terror” fantasy camp. WHOOPPEE!

After the usual, quite normal activities undertaken by most families on their annual vacation, your tour bus will be highjacked by Israelis wearing all the latest in hi-fashion terror gear including masks – pretending to be Arabs. Obviously its got to be as lifelike as possible, so some parents decide not to give any forewarning of what is to come.

Instead of murdering you, the terrorists, Palestinian ones of course, will take you hostage. That is, until the brave Israeli Defence Forces decide to storm in and save you all by shooting the dreaded rag-heads in the face, right in front of your screaming offspring.

There, there, not to worry little Jonny, we’re all safe now. Now there’s an unforgettable holiday experience that will probably never let go of your offspring’s mental capacity for normal interaction and human functionality for well, erm….. the rest of their little lives!

After that, the brave commander – himself chiselled from pure granite – is then attacked by a crazed Palestinian Arab terrorist right in front of your little ones just about when they had wiped all the tears away and thought it was all safe again. Here, the IDF Commander (the one chiselled from granite) demonstrates how to defend himself from such unmitigated evil and then gets his comrades – but only after requesting to the nasty little terrorist as he’s being cuffed to – ‘stay on the floor, please’,  as they drag him off screaming for a little light-hearted interrogation or as most of us call it – torture – presumably.

But it’s not finished there, now the fun really begins. Once you’ve changed the underwear of your mentally-scarred-for-life-littleuns – you can go take them for lessons from “the most humanitarian army in the world” on how to stab people (Muslims) and kill them. Don’t worry, there’s no age limit on this activity. Its so easy, an 8-year old can participate.

“Demand is very high amongst (American) tourists – we do this twice a week – we don’t lack for business here” one of the event organisers proudly states.

In the video a tourist says: “It’s interesting, it’s good fun” – whilst another says: “I never shot anybody, but I’m going to learn how to shoot some fxxxing Palestinian.” The organisers state that “kidnappings and terrorist attacks serve as entertainment for the masses.”

Prices start at just $85 for adults and your little precious ones can experience the action packed death and destruction skills and learning sessions first hand for just $70 – what a bargain.

For some reason celebrities get a discount. The video names a famous band who turned up one day, who especially requested that they keep their visit “quiet and off the radar,” so that’s why they named the band Aerosmith and band member Joe Perry, the band’s founder who organised their ‘under the radar visit.” We gathered from the video that privacy is not one one of the organisers core strengths.

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You even get to learn how to abseil down a building whilst trying to save your life and this is definitely a skill worth having in life.

Towards the end of the video everyone is seen celebrating the graduation of a young lad – maybe 12 years old, donning his green army T and freshly printed dog tags. After that it’s all singing and chanting that the “Jewish people will live,” and then it’s off to the shop where participants can acquire all manner of equipment, such as Israeli military T’s, shooting goggles and high calibre M-16 bullet necklaces (for just $28 no less) to remind themselves of their wonderful time learning how to kill other people – especially Palestinian’s.

Don’t forget that whilst your children are learning how to efficiently snuff out the lives of humans, your granny is being taught to go get a Muslim with an AK-47 – fun for all the family – it’s never to late to learn – apparently.


I never shot anybody, but I’m going to learn how to shoot some fxxxing Palestinian

Click here for the video: Caliber 3 Israeli “anti-terror” fantasy camp


Or you can read: Seinfeld boosts Israel’s “shoot to kill” fantasy tours


“Jerry Seinfeld drew criticism earlier this month when it emerged that while in Israel to perform in Tel Aviv, the famous comedian visited an air force base and took his family to a tourist attraction in the occupied West Bank for ideological and military instruction.

Caliber 3, the Israeli firm that runs what Israeli newspaper Haaretz calls an “anti-terror fantasy camp” boasted about the Seinfeld family’s patronage in a Facebook post on 7 January.

“Finally we are allowed to tell you!! The legendary Jerry Seinfeld and his family were at Caliber 3 during their visit to Israel last week, they came to us for shooting training with displays of combat, Krav Maga [martial arts], assault dogs and lots of Zionism,” the post – which has since been deleted – said, according to Haaretz.


In recent years, some Israeli entrepreneurs have moved to capitalise on the soldiers’ ill-gotten reputations as combat crackerjacks: training tourists of all age groups to shoot cardboard cut-outs of Palestinians.


“In a world under terror attacks, Israel is no longer only a major exporter of weapons. Now it also provides the real deal – live-fire training sessions for Becky’s bat mitzvah,” a Channel 10 report states, as it interviews American tourists who appear to be in awe of Israel.


Caliber 3 and similar firms have figured out how to monetise Israel’s image as a militarised garrison surrounded by “terrorist” enemies in what writer Matt Carr calls an “overlap between entertainment, voyeurism and propaganda.”


However, practicing to shoot Palestinians – and doing it for real – has been a traditional tourist activity in Israel for decades – so that’s OK then.  By recruiting tourists into its army, Israel hopes to cement their loyalty to Zionism, convert them to permanent immigrants and turn cautious supporters of the Israeli state into passionate patriots and vocal advocates – or as we would call them, propagandists.


You can even donate in “care packages and even equipment soldiers may use during attacks on Palestinians” – you know – just one dollar a day, just one dollar and you can buy more bullets to save an Israeli soldier by helping them to shoot Palestinian children for throwing stones at them.


Of course, the other way of looking at it, is as this report puts it, it is “a clear endorsement of Israel’s anti-Palestinian narrative and violence that continues to deprive millions of their most basic rights.”






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