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8th September 2019 / NewsBits

Average weekly household spending in the UK was £572.60 in the financial year ending (FYE) 2018. There has been an increasing trend in household spending in recent years following a low point in 2012. This is the highest level of household spending, after adjusting for inflation, since the previous peak in (FYE) 2005.

These statistics do not include accommodation, rent or mortgages.

  • Average weekly household expenditure in the UK was £572.60 in the financial year ending 2018; the highest weekly spend since the financial year ending 2005, after adjusting for inflation.
  • Transport was the category with the highest average weekly spend of £80.80, equivalent to 14% of households’ average total weekly household expenditure.
  • Households with heads aged 50 to 74 years spent almost a quarter of their housing expenditure costs on alterations and improvements.
  • Average weekly household spending was the highest in London and the South East (over £650), whilst spending in the North East was the lowest, approximately £200 less.
  • Households with heads aged under 30 years and those in Northern Ireland spent the most on takeaway meals eaten at home, £7.80 and £8.60 respectively.
  • Households’ average weekly spend on alcoholic drinks away from the home was less in the financial year ending 2018 (£8.00) compared with 10 years ago (£10.90), after adjusting for inflation.
  • Households in London spent the most on alcoholic drinks away from home, spending an average of £9.30 a week.

Source: ONS



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