Brexit blue passports will be rolled out as early as March next year

12th February 2020 / NewsBits
  • Immigration minister Brandon Lewis claimed that the blue passports will “symbolise our national identity” and will be “one of the most secure travel documents in the world, with a raft of new security measures to protect against fraud and forgery”.
  • The new coloured documents could be ready as early as March 2021, but the Home Office plans to use up stock of the burgundy documents until then.
  • A Home Office spokesperson said: “There will be a mixture of blue and burgundy passports issued over a period of months, and we expect all new passports to be blue by the middle of the year.
  • Last year the government phased out the words “European Union” from existing burgundy passports despite Brexit not taking place until earlier this year. The decision to move to blue passports was marred with controversy after it was revealed a French business would produce the new design.


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