Consumer spending on food, drink and catering

14th September 2019 / NewsBits

Total consumer expenditure on food, drink and catering has continued to rise, by 6.1% in 2017 to £219 billion. Expenditure on food (including non-alcoholic drinks) increased by 5.1%, alcoholic drinks by 7.1% and catering by 7.0%. (latest figures available).

Spend on food shopping has increased 32% since 2008. In 2017 it accounted for 47% of spend in the sector. Spend on catering accounted for 28% of sector spend in 2017 and has increased by 34% since 2008.

Spend on all alcoholic drinks accounted for 25% of sector spend in 2017. It has increased by 40% since 2008. Spend reduced between 2008 and 2009, but has increased yearly thereafter.

Source: Consumer Trends, (ONS).



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