Five Unethical Companies and Alternatives

11th July 2019 / NewsBits

By Ethical Consumer: Listed below are five of the lowest ranking companies across our product guides.  All these companies score poorly across our rating system for failing to address issues including human rights, animal rights and environmental concerns. 



Ethical score: 0/20

Company type: online retailer


Why avoid them:  

Amazon never seem to be out of the spotlight for one reason or another. Whether it be tax avoidance (for which they are under a boycott call from us) or the treatment of workers at their fulfilment centres.

They score badly in our rating system for all the policies we rate them on, including environmental reporting, conflict mineral use and supply chain management.

Amazon feature in a number of our product guides including bookshops.

Best Buy alternatives for books:

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  • Oxfam books
  • Better World Books
  • Hive


ASDA Walmart

Ethical Score: 0/20

Company type: Supermarket


Why avoid them:

ASDA (owned by US company WalMart) is a retail colossus. It has monumentally failed to embed corporate responsibility into its operations and supply chains around the globe. This has lead to workers’ rights abuses at supplier factories,  accusations of discrimination by staff, and a host of other charges.

Asda feature in a number of product guides including supermarkets

Best Buy Alternatives:

  • Co-op
  • Marks & Spencer
  • Waitrose (online)





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