Global animal extinction

17th August 2019 / NewsBits

There is considerable speculation as what the numbers really are. Readers need to research carefully as misinformation is rife in this area of knowledge. We have identified some information you can reasonably expect to be accurate.

Scientists have identified at least 1.9 million animal species (scientist believe this number could be as high as 8 million but that includes bacteria – be careful of the numbers here). And according to a study, at least 450,000 plant species likely exist.

“Based on their results, the team concluded that the average pre-human extinction rate was 0.1 extinction per million species per year. The current extinction rate is approximately 100 extinctions per million species per year, or 1,000 times higher than natural background rates. They also predict that future rates may be as much as 10,000 times higher.”

The tropics have seen a 56 percent reduction in the index of more than 3,000 populations, which include 1,638 species, over the past 40 years.

Latin America, home to many low-income countries, has borne the brunt of animal loss, with “a dramatic decline” of 83 percent cited in the report.

Examples include:

Frogs global decline 79%

Marina species total 39%

20,000 Species Are Near Extinction

Source: National Geographic  and IFLScience

Decline of global population – last 10 years:

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Butterflies: 53% Beetles: 49% Bees: 46% Dragonflies: 37% Flies: 25% (Biological Conservation)



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