03/02 Hackers hold Hula Hoops hostage in cyber-raid on Britain’s KP Snacks

3rd February 2022 / NewsBits
  • 03/02/22: Hackers are hitting Britain where it hurts by targeting some of its favourite savoury snacks, with the likes of Hula Hoops, KP Nuts, Butterkist popcorn and Nik Naks in their cyber sights.
  • The company behind those brands, KP Snacks, has revealed it has been hit by a cyber-attack which could hit supplies of popular snacks.
  • It said it became aware last Friday that it was the victim of a ransomware attack, where hackers gain access to a network and hold data hostage.
  • “As soon as we became aware of the incident, we enacted our cybersecurity response plan and engaged a leading forensic information technology firm and legal counsel to assist us in our investigation,” added the British firm, well known for its crisps, or potato chips, brands that also include McCoy’s, Tyrrell’s and POM-BEAR.

source: Reuters

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