How are Britons really reacting to coronavirus?

28th March 2020 / NewsBits
  • Nearly half (48%) of Britons now say they are very or fairly scared they will contract the disease, up from 38% last week. The number who say they are not very scared, or not scared at all, is now almost equal, at 49% – down from 59% last week
  • Overall, the British public retain their confidence in the Government’s ability to handle this crisis. In fact, the 59% who think the Government is handling the crisis well is slightly up on last week (55%) while the proportion thinking they are handling it badly is slightly down (at 31%).
  • More broadly, the public also have been supportive of the actions the Government has so far taken to combat the crisis. By a margin of 67% to 17% they supported they thought the decision to shut schools was the right one, and the majority (61%) also supported asking those aged over 70 to self-isolate, with just 30% opposed.
  • There is even support for more drastic measures that haven’t yet been imposed by the Government. For example, 64% would support London being put under a “lockdown”, with just 17% opposed. Last week the public even saidthey would support rationing food by a margin of 63% to 25%. (source – YouGov)



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