Numbers of websites and internet users in 2019

13th August 2019 / NewsBits

As of January 1, 2019, there were 4,100,667,287 internet users spanning the globe. This is compared to the 3.42 billion users recorded at the end of 2016.

Asia continues the trend of having the most internet users in the world, though the percentage has dropped from 49.7% to 49.0%. Runners up include Europe (16.8%), Africa (11%), and Latin America/Caribbean (10.4%).

Interestingly, North America makes up only 8.2% of all worldwide internet users.

In Asia, China reigns supreme when it comes to having the most active internet users. With 818,934,000 users, the next closest countries include the United States with 320,059,368, Russia with 109,552,842, and Latin America/Caribbean with 18,526,199 users.

How many websites are there in 2019? As of January 2019 there were over 1.94 billion websites on the Internet. was the first-ever website on the Internet, published on August 6, 1991.



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