Obesity in the UK (adults and children)

18th October 2019 / NewsBits

Obesity is defined as having a BMI of over 30 (in adults)

35% of adult women are classed as obese  as are 30% of men

Under 16 years old – 15% of girls and of 17% boys are classed as obese

Prevalence for kids: deprived areas just over double that of least deprived areas  – reception (4/5 yr) and year 6 (10/11)

650,000 children now estimated to have fatty liver disease

Severe obesity 4.7% of the under 16s population – highest ever recorded

The UK is the 4th highest consumer of confectionary in Europe

The UK is the 2nd highest consumer of sweets/savoury goods in Europe (Ireland 1st)

The UK is the 2nd lowest for eating fruit (Croatia worst)

Source: Chief Medical Officer 2019

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