Populism: Boris Johnson bans UK ministers from elite Davos summit

19th December 2019 / NewsBits
  • A Downing Street official has said the U.K. prime minister did not want members of his government attending the annual get-together frequented by the global elite in Davos.
  • The meeting, held in the exclusive Swiss Alps resort each year, includes around 3,000 international political leaders, business figures, economists and celebrities. The World Economic Forum is due to run from 21 to 24 January. The U.K.’s departure date from the EU is January 31.
  • Members of the U.K. government usually attend, but will not in 2020. The official said: “Our focus is on delivering for the people, not Champagne with billionaires.
  • This is an act straight out of the Trump playbook of populism and has the hallmarks of Dominic Cummings anti-establishment agenda.



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