Private investigator speaks out about the phone data he illegally obtained for Rebekah Brookes

10th July 2019 / NewsBits

By Byline Media: A Private Investigator has revealed how he got confidential mobile phone data for Rupert Murdoch’s Chief Executive Rebekah Brooks using unlawful deception.


Steve Whittamore has contradicted what Ms Brooks said in a legal document lodged at The High Court.

Ms Brooks said that a ‘mobile conversion’ – finding out the name and address of the subscriber of a mobile network account – could be carried out using an internet search.

But the ‘inquiry agent’, who she tasked to do the job, told Byline Investigates that he never used internet searches, and no journalist would pay him simply ‘to Google.’

He added that the process he used was illegal, and likely to have been carried out by a sub-contractor who was a Hell’s Angel, who was part of a network of ‘blaggers’ accessed by his company JJ Services.

Mr Whittamore told Byline Investigates:

‘I employed several guys for this, depending on who was available.

‘Yes, one was an ex-squaddie who rode a motorcycle.

‘He would have had to pretend that he was someone from the mobile network provider and call in to the company to ask for the details on an account.

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‘There is no other way that it could be done.






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