Ryanair challenges Lufthansa’s bailout package

27th May 2020 / NewsBits
  • Low-cost carrier Ryanair challenged Germany’s €9 billion rescue package for Lufthansa on Tuesday (26 May), saying it distorted competition, while the German carrier moves towards finalising the deal next month.
  • The government-backed aid will allow Lufthansa to “engage in below-cost selling” and make it harder for Ryanair, its Laudamotion subsidiary and rival low-cost carrier easyJet to compete, Ryanair Chief Executive Michael O’Leary said in a statement on Tuesday.
  • “Ryanair will appeal against this latest example of illegal state aid to Lufthansa, which will massively distort competition,” O’Leary said in the statement.
  • Lufthansa is, for its part, hoping for a quick nod from the European Commission for the bailout package, people close to the matter said. “This should be a matter of days”, one of the sources said.

Source: EUactiv


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