Sunday 17/11 Voting Intentions

17th November 2019 / NewsBits

There are (so far at least), five GB voting intention polls in the Sunday papers.

YouGov/Sunday Times – CON 45%(+3), LAB 28%(nc), LDEM 15%(nc), BREX 4%(nc). Fieldwork was Thursday and Friday, and changes are from the YouGov/Times/Sky poll mid-week. (tabs)

SavantaComRes/S Telegraph – CON 41%(+1), LAB 33%(+3), LDEM 14%(-2), BREX 5%(-2). Fieldwork was on Wednesday and Thursday, and changes are from the midweek poll for the Telegraph (tabs)

Opinium/Observer – CON 44%(+3), LAB 28%(-1), LDEM 14% (-1), BREX 6% (nc). Fieldwork was Wednesday and Thursday, and changes are from last week. Tables here.

BMG/Independent – CON 37%(nc), LAB 29%(nc), LDEM 16%(nc), BREX 9%(nc). Fieldwork was Tuesday to Friday. Changes would be from last week, though in this case, the party shares are unchanged.

Deltapoll/Mail on Sunday – CON 45%(+4), LAB 30%(+1), LDEM 11%(-5), BREX 6%(nc). Changes are from last week.

Source: UK Polling Report


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