The last ten of the top 100 Great Britons

30th November 2019 / NewsBits

91. James Clerk Maxwell, physicist. Developed the theory of electromagnetic radiation.

92. J. R. R. Tolkien, novelist (The HobbitLord of the Rings).

93. Sir Walter Raleigh, Explorer. Explored in Central America and sent expeditions to North America.

94. Edward I, king (1272–1307). Edward turned the longbow into England’s most deadly weapon against the Scottish and French with devastating results, most notably at the Battle of Falkirk.

95. Sir Barnes Wallis, engineer and inventor. Invented the bouncing bomb, earthquake bomb and geodetic airframe.

96. Richard Burton, theatre and film actor.

97. Tony Benn, politician, and diarist.

98. David Livingstone, explorer. Discovered the origins of the Nile.

99. Sir Tim Berners-Lee, computer scientist. Inventor of the World Wide Web.

100. Marie Stopes, eugenicist and campaigner for women’s rights. Pioneer in the field of birth control.

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