Top 10 things Gt Britain leads the world in

30th November 2019 / NewsBits

This list is, at best, subjective and is not ranked in number order but each ranking is recognised as being in the top ten globally.

Healthcare, Rock and pop music, financial services, financial technology, reducing CO2 emissions*, offshore wind, literature, the capital city, football, animal welfare*.

* CO2 Emissions – Britain is now the world’s largest offshore wind energy producer with a total capacity of 5,788 megawatts. London Array, the largest offshore windfarm on the planet, is located just off the Kent coast.

* Animal Welfare – A nation of animal lovers, the UK is the world leader in animal welfare. A study released last year by the charity World Animal Protection shows that the UK has the most stringent animal welfare regulations in the world, gaining a glowing ‘A’ rating.



Source: Home/Civic/Best countries ranking USNews Surveys



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