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8th September 2019 / NewsBits

The UK average for an electricity bill is £58 a month, the average broadband bill is £30.30 and it’s £56 for gas, plus subscription TV and mobile updates

  • As of May 2019, according to Ofgem, the average variable tariff for a dual fuel customer was £1,254 per year which equates to nearly 5% of the average UK household budget.
  • Ofgem also found that the difference between the average Standard Variable Tariff of the six large suppliers and the market cheapest tariff was £374.
  • Although, if you live alone or there’s only two of you in a one or two bed flat, then chances are your bills are going to be lower. UK Power estimates gas at £33 a month and £34 for electric, which is less than half the cost of gas and electricity in a five-bedroom house.
  • Water UK estimate that the average water and sewerage bill is £415 a year or £34.58 a month. Those up in the North West of the UK will be paying £18 more a year compared to those in the South West who end up paying £14 less a year than the average.
  • Broadband normally now comes packaged in a media bundle that also includes TV, so the average prices can vary.‘s study says that in 2018 Brits spent on average £30.30 on broadband each month.
  • If you’re someone who likes to upgrade their phone when a new model comes out then chances are your monthly phone bill isn’t going to be cheap. The average price from Ofcom comes in at £45.60 a month.
  • Data by Is My Bill Fair revealed that the cheapest mid-level Sky TV package was £19 a month but the highest some people were paying was £65 a month.

Source: MoneyAdviseService


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