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5th October 2019 / NewsBits

The UK was home to 44 million active social media users in 2018; 38 million of those were active mobile social media users. That translates to a social media penetration rate of 66 percent of the population of the UK, and 57 percent with regard to mobile social media use.

In 2022, the number of monthly active social network users is projected to reach 42.88 million individuals. This would be an increase of over four million new users from 38.01 million users in 2015. Between 2015 and 2021 it is predicted to rise by 7.33 percent from a 55.18 percent penetration rate in 2015 to a penetration of 62.51 percent in 2021. The data presented covers all individuals who used the internet at least once a month with any device.

In 2016 Ofcom found that 78 percent of all women in the UK had a social media account, while only 73 percent of men had one. Among adults under the age of 35 between 90 to 96 percent had set up their own social media profiles in 2016. The numbers go down the older the considered age group gets. In April 2017 Facebook held the leading share of the market. The 38.01 million social network users in 2015 had 34.99 million Facebook accounts (including duplicates).

Source: Statista


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