Brexit : Heads you lose, tails you lose

19th June 2016 / United Kingdom

The 1% are worried that their cartel, built up over the years, reaching its rapacious crest in 2008 and continuing its relentless quest for financial and political domination is potentially under threat with Britain’s EU referendum vote. They are ganging up just as they did with the Scottish referendum – just much worse. After all, the stakes are much, much higher.

Personally, I can’t stand the constant political flip-flopping of people like Boris Johnson, Theresa May and David Cameron. It’s a circus and only serves to confuse. Perhaps deliberately. I also despise in equal abundance the corporations threatening the country – as if much of their activities have not damaged society enough already.

Career conviction politician Jeremy Corbyn has been as equally useless.

As Leave.EU spokesman put it; “Jeremy Corbyn voted to leave the EEC in 1975 and against the Maastricht Treaty which transformed it into the EU, saying it took powers to set economic policy away from Parliament and handed them ‘to an unelected set of bankers’.

“It’s extremely sad to see that Jeremy, for all his faults a conviction politician and lifelong opponent of the EU, has been gagged by the clapped out Blairites his electors rejected in the Labour leadership contest.”

Lord Owen, former Foreign Secretary states that staying in the EU is a threat to national security. Theresa May, the current Home Secretary says the opposite.

The papers have lost no time and reported that:

Downing Street unveiled a pro-EU letter signed by scores of FTSE 100 businesses

The value of the pound plunged to a near seven-year low against the dollar after Boris Johnson backed “Brexit”.

Reports of warnings that quitting the EU would make Britain more vulnerable to terrorist attacks, drive up mobile phone bills and put at risk billions of pounds of trade deals

Thousands of migrants left stranded in Greece Monday after Macedonia abruptly closed it border to Afghans, creating a fresh bottleneck as European countries scramble to respond to the continent’s worst refugee crisis since World War II are on the way to Britain.

They also reported that:

There is NO economic case for Britain to stay in EU, Britain’s bosses aren’t worried

The 28-member bloc was “unreformable” and not worth the trouble for future generations

Many major firms had warned of economic disaster if the UK did not adopt the euro last time around but quite the opposite happened.

And that we would be able to control migration.

George Osborne has been particularly vocal. According to him, all of the world’s biggest countries have united in warning that a British exit from the European Union would provoke “a shock to the world economy”. That didn’t worry the American’s on the run-up to the financial crash did it.

The Telegraph crowed that “The Chancellor hailed the unanimous agreement on the risk of Brexit after it was included in a communique after a meeting of G20 finance ministers in Shanghai, China. Of course he was forgetting to mention that 16 of the G20 are not members of the EU.

Over 80 per cent of Britains newspapers, internet service providers and mobile communications companies are owned by non tax-paying oligarchs or corporations who control the national narrative in their own interests. After all, what is TTIP for if not for that? And TTIP is worth saving if you happen to be a non tax paying billionaire or corporation with a near monopoly to protect.

The overwhelming majority of the banking industry, with their billions in illicit profits are also firmly opposed to the destabilisation of their global cartel. We are now reading of the forecast collapse of Sterling. This won’t be a forecast, they will short the Pound when it suits their campaign to prove a point – it’s been done before.

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HSBC has ‘predicted‘ in a new and carefully published research note about the referendum that the pound will be crushed, the economy will grind to a near-standstill, London’s property market would crater and inflation will spike. All the fears of the public wrapped up in one piece of propaganda – your job, home and what’s left of your savings and pensions! Of course, HSBC is no stranger in facilitating the rigging of elections.

Christine Lagarde, head of the IMF has said the same; “My hunch … is that it is bound to be a negative on all fronts.” Lagarde is facing criminal prosecution by the French authorities, accused of “negligence by a person in a position of public authority” over the award of more than €400m to Bernard Tapie, a controversial tycoon who supported former president Nicolas Sarkozy. In other words, trying to fix the political outcome of a country.

Why then has the FTSE only fallen 4.5% in the last three months when Euro Stoxx has fallen 19%, German DAX is minus 18.7% and France’s CAC down 14%. If the stock markets are a guide to future profits, HSBC and laggard’s scaremongering is nothing more than propaganda and EU economic performance a good reason to escape an inevitable death spiral.

And look at the roll-call of some of the worlds biggest criminals whose deplorable behaviour is acceptable to the ‘vote stay’ campaign. BAE Systems, Diageo, Goldman Sachs, AstraZeneca and HSBC to name but just a handful. These organisations are involved in some of the most deadly crimes in history and are leading the battle cry.

Vote Leave have been as bad. They have lied about EU bailouts, EU rebates, veto’s on EU treaties, the EU budget, the EU Army and how much we’d save if we left the EU.

Propaganda, misinformation and disinformation is the order of the day. One only has to look at George Osborne’s annual statement of lies at budget time. Contrary to the austerity drive that delivers misery to millions the national debt is now increasing at well over £70 billion a year. He has missed all of his own targets every year since 2010. Why? Well it doesn’t help that nearly a third of all government debt liabilities relate purely to saving the banking industry from their egregious crimes and wanton neglect of anything remotely relating to morality.

Austerity itself, the battleground of politics over the last six years is nothing more than a total fiction. With the massive tax haven scandals that have merged just in the the last year, we are all beginning to fathom that tax evasion in the UK is an industry on a scale not understood before. Complicit in this enormous crime against the people of Britain are British, European and American politicians and their corporate paymasters.

So the question is; when you vote in the EU referendum which 1% will you be voting for; the non-elected EU authoritarian regime that is deconstructing social democracy in favour of a rigged neoliberal capitalist system or the one at home that will sell-out our economy via a corporate takeover and auction off every last state asset built up over generations in order to create more wealth for the few? Because that’s the only thing which is factual in this entire debate when it comes to predicting the outcome.

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