Another British ventilator manufacturer snubbed by the government

31st March 2020 / United Kingdom
Another British ventilator manufacturer snubbed by the government

Worcester based manufacture Gtech has been told by the government to not produce much-needed ventilators less than a week after getting the go-ahead, the company’s chief executive has said.

Locally based Worcester News reported that Nick Grey, chief executive of Gtech, said he had been advised by the government on Thursday (March 27) to not push forward with production of ventilators, despite answering a call for help to assist in producing more than 30,000 ventilators, less than two weeks ago. Gtech’s staff were all in favour of getting on with the project to help with manufacture.

Grey said –  “On Friday (March 20), the cabinet and medical group co-ordinating the project gave us the go ahead to prepare for production. However last evening (March 26) they advised that they did not want us to proceed at this time.

A statement from the Gtech chief executive to his team said:

“Thank you so much for offering to help Gtech with our medical ventilator. I have been absolutely overwhelmed by everyone’s support and generosity.”

“Everyone involved can be proud that we were ready to respond to the nation needs and start production in such a short time.

“We will still complete and publish our design as there has been a lot of interest for it from around the world.

“Thanks again for all your support and Gtech stand ready to go into production with your support should they be asked to do so.”

The government has been contacted for comment and not responded.


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