Brexit Coup d’Etat for Financial and Environmental Deregulation

30th August 2017 / United Kingdom
Brexit Coup d’Etat for Financial and Environmental Deregulation

Dr. John McMurtry – GlobalResearch.Ca: There has been endless commentary on Britain’s “Stay or Leave the EU” referendum and the narrow victory of the ‘Leave’ side which is being cemented into British government and history by the very near June 8 election. 


It is worth noting that the original wording of the ‘Brexit’ referendum was (italics added) “Britain should remain in the EU – Yes or No”. Few observed that the framing of the Tory question appeals directly to the tidal wave of popular resentments that have built up against transnational trade treaties and mass immigration everywhere, Britain included. “Should remain” is re-set to “Leave” as the dominant choice in a negative feeling context

The visible movement of foreign-speaking cultures into everyday rural Britain for new benefits and low-wage competition with British workers has widely inflamed anti-passions, as anyone familiar with British culture knows.  The near daily featuring of Islamic ‘terrorist attacks’ has stigmatized the EU system along with such continuous disorders as the torturous financial ruin of Greece.

Leave on the ballot in a mysteriously well-funded and media-captivated campaign triggered enough of a primordial fuck-EU sentiment that a very slim majority was won. It did not matter that false claims and demagogic showmen were given immense publicity in the Leave campaign in which the most important issues were completely out of the discussion.

Nor did it not matter that the Leave vote was mainly rural England, nor that remaining Scotland was thereby propelled into breaking up Great Britain itself. There were no editorials exposing the facts that the new-PM Theresa May had herself warned UK voters that Brexit was “dangerous” and could have seriously damaging effects on the economy, the security, and the survival of the United Kingdom.  There was no media memory that she had said that leaving the EU would be “fatal for the Union with Scotland” and that she had formerly proclaimed “as Home Secretary [that] remaining a member of the European Union means we will be more secure from crime and terrorism”.

Nothing seemed to matter except the new fait accompli of Britain ending its half-century partnership in the European Union on the flimsy basis of a referendum for which the overwhelming majority of citizens did not vote or approve.


Minority Brexit Vote = Massive De-Regulation of Finance and Food  

No-one seemed to report that this Leave vote itself (17, 410, 742) represented only 37% of the total electorate (46, 500, 001) as enumerated by the Electoral Commission. No mainstream media featured the 12, 948, 018 voters left out of the count, over two-thirds the number of those who voted Leave. Only one source clearly reported that those whose votes were not cast in the single June 23 event voted 2:1 against leaving once the results were known.

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Most deeply and unspeakably, there was no hint of media attention to the first question of forensic inquiry, cui bono or who stands to gain most? Even up to June 2,  no-one has joined the dots that show the Leave EU referendum and vote has been an ideal political bludgeon to force Britain’s departure from the historical European Union just as its long-evolved Directives are in the process of enforcing policies and regulations on all-powerful London private banks and finance, and just as long developed environmental and green policies on industrial Big Agriculture and GMO-contaminating crops and fake foods remained unchanged by all the captive-state negotiations seeking to pull their teeth.

What no-one has evidently understood is that Brexit ensures that the very same dominant financialization forces that have hollowed out Britain’s working people, the productive economy and its green environment since 1979 are now freed from any EU regulation or accountability just as effective new financial oversight mechanisms as well as organic agricultural and food policies are due to be further implemented, monitored and enforced.

This is the undertow historical meaning of the near-hate campaign that has been waged for endless months on the ‘EU bureaucracy’ larded in selective anecdotes without principled substance.

Such is the standard method of big-money campaigns against public regulation for the public life good. If more private profit is not fixed into the new regime, it is relentlessly attacked and denounced as ‘suffocating red tape’ and a ‘ruinous burden on business’.  This is the signature demand and condition of transnational corporate rule.


Cui Bono? Remembering the Past to Now

The rootless global money party centred in London has long run Britain with flagrant Thatcherite governance for transnational banks and corporations overthrowing the post-War labour-capital settlement in Britain.

Big London money backed by the Murdoch press was then consolidated in Blair’s ‘New Labour’ capitulation to corporate power through Gordon Brown Labour-light to the election of financier-scion David Cameron. PM Cameron then took the Brexit spectacle as the occasion to resign to avoid, insiders say, the outing of his unexposed financial fraud as PM.

Now the government of Great Britain is in the hands of a secretively advised Theresa May. Although as Home Secretary she was unequivocally anti-Brexit, something happened. Despite the very dubious results of the leave-the-EU referendum, she reversed field from support of the EU once in the PM office, and was instantly re-branded as full-square behind Leave as “Brexit is Brexit” and “the irreversible decision of the British people”.

Now-PM  May has led official erasure of the fact that the winning vote was by an (official Electoral Commission tally) was only by a 37 % minority of voters. In the same vein of memory-hole command, PM May and her backers ignored the LSE scientific survey reporting that non-voters polled 2-to-1 against Leave once they learned the outcome. The reigning protocol, as with Trump with whom she became bonded in ‘the special relationship’ of the US and the UK that runs British politics, is to annihilate life-protective regulations as new freedom, and enforce follow a bigger corporate tax-cut than Reagan or Trump to a 10% level.

Where did the mandate come from for such radical hollowing out of government capacities to govern on behalf of the common interests of society, citizens and their environment? There has been no mandate, but only a one-off 37%- popular referendum result with no legally binding force until it is locked into the ‘Great Repeal Act’ and June 8 UK election to legitimate it with no public understanding of the meaning.

The die had been cast behind the scenes. A 37% vote against the considered will of the majority to stay in the EU was going to be used as a no-alternative mandate for massive deregulation and de-taxation of big money powers across the UK with public debate on these issues or even recognition of them. An Orwellian erasure of facts and totalitarian silencing beneath conscious choice has gone to days before the finish without anyone evidently knowing it.

The PR cover-up ever since the ever more lavishly suited Theresa May became PM  has been to brand her office in Maggie-2 resonance as a resolute and honourable defender of the democratic will  of the British people and an anchor of stability to steer Britain’s new future.

PM May and advisers have accordingly changed the 2017 general election –she had committed to 2020 before her behind-the-scenes management took over – to an ad hominem vote over her character as PM, not about the radical de-regulation of finance, the environment and the tax code to, in essence, serve the rich while dispossessing the great majority of their labour, social and environmental protections and rights.

It is the sort of action from the top that the original Magna Carta stopped to regulate an out-of-control King, only now the unaccountable ruler Lord is bank and corporate money profit seeking even more unequal and total rights over the soon to be rump England. The money party cares nothing for nation including n Great Britain except as it fits their divide-and-rule agenda over the trillions of dollars they control daily in play for more asset control over the world.

Now firmly in the supreme office with cabinet and media support, PM May’s office has masterfully managed transition to doing the opposite of what she formerly stood for. The Brexit program for private money control over public forces and rules of how society is to live has remained unflagged by even the Opposition and radical left voices.  None see through to the ultimate that the ruling party behind political scenes, nor to the ultimate fact that it is not economically efficient or even productively capitalist.

Its hidden financialization forces and anti-labour-and-ecological agenda of radical de-regulation are, in principle, counter-productive, parasitic and self-multiplying against the common interest of its organic, social and environmental life hosts.


The Unasked Question Who Wins Now?

On the PR face of it, Theresa May is the clergyman’s daughter soundly risen to PM office. But she is, more deeply, the perfect foil behind which to sneak a Brexit end to the still proceeding threat of EU regulation of the most life-destructive private d money powers of Britain.

Brexit is in sinister parallel with the life-blind deregulatory forces of the Trump/Republican forces letting the ruling money party run free to become multiply richer while stripping scientific environmental regulations, monitoring and prevention of cumulatively ecocidal externalities of global financialization and environmental toxification.

The difference is that the English financial and factory-food lords are far stealthier and unseen in their demonstrable strategic plan to Leave the EU because it leads the world in scientific method, life-protective regulation and implementation. No-one seems yet to recognise this in the UK, unlike the rising US awareness of at least the Trump-Republican threat to the US and global environment and – more specifically – the Environmental Protection Agency and even the century-evolved and world-leading US national parks.

“Making America great again” excludes the life ground.

When PM Theresa May now hard-presses Leave the EU even when formerly opposed to it – most of all because of its weakening of Britain’s defences against terrorism – who can doubt something has re-motivated her to reverse the agenda to what she now leads.


People paying tribute to the victims of the Manchester bombing (Source: VOA News)

The tell-tale avoidance of truth is seen when she lashes Jeremy Corbyn for even connecting the terrorist operation of Manchester back to the facts of Britain’s war-waging in poor foreign nations from which the suicide bombers come.

“Many experts, including professionals in our intelligence and security services,” Labour leader Corbyn  observes, “have pointed to the connections between wars our government has supported or fought in other countries, such as Libya, and terrorism here at home”.

Joining the dots is taboo.

In such closure to facts, PM May implicitly justifies government actions commands Leave the EU on the basis of the legitimacy of past state actions which are war-criminal under international law, and – beneath notice again – stopped Libya specifically from its gold-dinar Bank of Africa plan based on oil revenues to lend to other African countries without the debt enslavement long coveted by London-connected private financing of states (including the British government itself).

Who do these actions of repression of war-criminal facts and seizure of other people’s assets serve?

In this light, consider PM May’s capacity to carry Leave the EU as PM compared to its most charismatic leader on the ground, Boris Johnson. Although he has along been London finance’s man as Mayor as well as leader of the Brexit campaign, the master plan cannot go forward with him any further because, as a known liar and bounder, he is completely unfit as a credible finisher in PM office.

Those who lead here know very well how to rule behind effective public relations to keep their control acceptable on the public stage– as Wall Street has done with one elected US president after another. This is why the known libertine and shameless US-born self-promoter Boris Johnson was – however charming and useful – stopped for the job of ‘Prime Minister of Great Britain’. He might indeed provoke across parties into reaction against pushing a onetime minority poll into a reversal of modern British history which took away the EU passports and future opportunities of England’s young professional classes.

There is much to cover up here that needs a steady woman ruler with a better manner and more socially just in bearing. So Prime Minister Theresa May it was. Thus the sole regulatory powers in place keeping the private financial superpower of London in check against another 2008 emptying of the public treasury and pensioners’ incomes – not to mention the deregulation de-greening of England by an industrial factory frankenfood system – escaped the public’s attention.

To credibly cover up what nobody knows while believing in her mission is made-to- order for PM May, and so the Trump-like super de-regulation and de-tax agenda has gone all the way to days before the June 8 British general election with far less fuss.

Boris was meanwhile made Foreign Minister to insult the EU onto their heels in England’s revolution backwards for the unproductively and villainously rich. Few noticed that all these political shenanigans served a unifying function. The new EU financial regulations on London’s big banks could not be implemented, monitored or enforced with Brexit stopping it all in its tracks. EU Organic Agriculture Regulations protecting the environment and natural ecosystems from genetic contaminations and industrial clearances of green life was simultaneously terminated with hardly any notice.

That foods themselves are released from safe and scientific EU standards has remained a non-issue. For poignant household example, British demands for hygiene standards to be changed to US rules so as to permit chicken meat sanitized only by chlorinated water, to allow beef raised with growth hormones, and to free genetically engineered substitute foods or GMO’s from production and label restrictions have all been stopped dead by Brexit.

With London finance as well as industrial agriculture and false foods freed from evolved norms of responsibility to the common life interest long evolved, tested and instituted within Britain and the European Union, the most predatory and counter-productive forces in Britain are allowed to run free with no public notice before the June 8 general election.

EU labour rights (eg., 48-hour week), human rights (e.g., maternity allowances), financial supervision of any independent kind (as we have seen), and virtually all environmental standards developed beyond the US model, all  are discontinued by  the Great Repeal Act.

With no evolved EU standards of economic, social or environmental protection legally obligatory and enforceable any more, the June 8 election will lock it all into the future with no way back that can be reasonably relied on without electoral reversal in a few days.

With all the historical bearings and force of precedent, independent adjudication and law left behind by Leave, a US-UK deregulation and de-taxation orgy can proceed as ‘democratic’ if PM May wins the election. This is why PM Theresa May came out holding hands with Donald Trump on his first visit to Britain.

Demonstrating its confidence in the liberated financial rule of Britain to come as the Great Repeal Bill proceeded, Goldman-Sachs simultaneously committed to a $500-million headquarters in central London.


London Finance with Goldman-Sachs Escapes All EU Financial Regulation

The very definition of the EU Central Bank’s mandate to investigate and supervise “the business model, risk management, and capital, liquidity and funding” of private-profit bank and financial institutions including London  (via a rigorous Supervisory Review and Evaluation Process by elite teams of professional accountants)  is anathema to the long unregulated US-UK financial system.

London finance like Wall Street is very used to increasingly devouring public treasuries, pensions and savings to become 40% and rising of the entire economy. They have done this through the global financial meltdown they have caused to multiply their money-demand control of the planet in a myriad of algebraically concealed ways with no oversight supervision, no independently verifiable standards, and no real reforms.

The European Central Bank has finally moved to institute commons standards across the board, what was done after the Great Depression but has been reversed since. Private London-Wall Street banks and finance will do anything to stop this regulatory reform to protect their many trillions of assets and liabilities running free to continue unimpeded in the greatest unearned and still rising transfer of wealth to the rich in history.

The economic stakes are unprecedentedly high, and so the silencing of any notice of the reforms to regulate them has in the UK been total in the mass media and even in Labour policy recognition. Consider the vast treasure involved. “Existing financial rules” in London banks have been officially judged by independent experts as “woefully inadequate”, and all of London’s foreign currency trading (globally dominant and largest in Euros) remains unregulated and untaxed.

Vast investment banking, cross-border sales of securities, Euro liquidity to clearing houses, non-performing loan recognition, coverage and write-offs also escape independent regulation by Brexit and the Great Repeal Act.

Revenue-cap norms on skyrocketed financial pay to executives, standards of internal audit, deferred tax assets and credits masked as capital, capital adequacy, liquidity requirements and ability to pay liabilities are all also blocked by post-referendum laws.

Unnoticed too are overdue binding norms on regulating the competence of new members of management and key function holders (say, Boris Johnson) and oversights of  collective investments in transferable securities by captive states and unilateral tax advantages gained by their public issue and sale for profit.

In sum, the Capital Requirements Directive and Regulations are all set on fire at once by the Great Repeal of European Union obligations now to be locked in by the June 8 election.

What are boasted as ‘elegant and sophisticated innovations of investment instruments’ and so on, are in fact systemic methods of fraudulent diversion with no qualified, independent accounting authority allowed into check their schemes fixed to maximally profit powerful private financial dealers against transparency and liability, elected government accountability, and the common interests of everyone else as investors or lives on Earth.


The Great Silencing

This whole joining of fateful dots has been covered in silence. Big London bank and finance has so far got away with veiled abolition of all the overdue EU financial rules, monitoring and enforcement to regulate them after the 2008 financial meltdown in which an estimated $26 trillion of public money has swallowed by the transnational private banking system led by Wall Street and London.

In faint contrast, there has been slight exposure of the Brexit reverse of evolved  EU environment protections, monitoring sciences, directive laws, and feed-back enforcement  processes.

But here too any information has occurred only in news and journal fragments, with no connections to the EU’s life-protective binding rules on industrial farming, GMO products, and industrial chemical pollutions and toxins.

For example, you will not see in any government press release or corporate mass media any mention of the European Union’s world-leading environmental protection by its Organic Agriculture Regulations setting out “the principles, aims and rules of food production and labelling”. No-one mentions in the media or government that these regulations are precisely what are eliminated from monitoring, feedback and enforcement in Britain once the Great Repeal Act is legitimated by the June 8 election.

All binding EU regulations protecting life and life conditions are, instead, eliminated from discussion and sweepingly attacked as “Brussels red tape” and “bureaucratic nonsense”.

In similar vein, there is a white-out of pre-and-post-Brexit reference to EU’s historic and definitive Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH). It is by far the most advanced environmental and human health protection system that is scientifically validated in existing government and the world. But it too is made invisible in the ruling discussions and debates, including George Monbiot who has said nothing on any of these issues, the limit of existing mass-media journalism.

The big-money Tory state and corporate media behind the PM Maggie-May front of the Great Repeal have effectively expunged any mention or discussion of any of these revolutionary steps backwards of Brexit, with again the pre-conscious collaboration of the corporate press and opinion makers.

The jam-it-through strategy has been shrouded throughout in the pervasive image of PM May vs. hapless Corbyn Labour. This is the only issue raised for voters in the June 8 election.

The global media too have consciously or unconsciously collaborated in making this most important election in British history in financial and environmental terms, a non-issue.

Yet even all this has not been enough for the great cover-up still in motion. There has been a Lobbying Act to stop informed NGO’s – but not any of the London-based big transnational banks and corporations – from lobbying before the June 8 election, a new law which has frightened them into silence with Greenpeace already  convicted and fined.


What Does Not Fit the Life-Blind Program?

One underlying principle governs beneath the political scenes, speeches and choral commentaries on stage. It also governs the UK-US ‘special relationship’ and Wall Street-London axis at the same time, in different ways:

De-fund and de-regulate all life-protective laws, agencies and enforcements that cost public and corporate money to subsidize instead the unproductive or counter-productive private money party’s multiplying growth.

The method is the same at base. Private Wall-Street and London banks behind the scenes print the world’s money by debt issue for maximum profit to the top while producing nothing but multiplying their private money demand over all that exists –  thus the term, ‘the masters of the universe’ .

Jeremy Corbyn’s back-to-the basics Labour movement is hopeful in that it is not bound like the war-criminal Tony Blair’s ‘New Labour’ to the crocodile Murdoch media and big corporations controlling the agenda via governments committees and PFI’s. And this is why Corbyn’s grass-roots leadership is pervasively belittled in the dominant media while historic stakes of the June 8 election itself have been systematically blinkered out.

Yet the stakes keep getting higher as June 8 approaches. As I write, the Trump administration has just withdrawn from the Paris Accord on ‘climate change’.

There is far more involved here than is spoken on the public stage in official euphemism of ‘climate change’. In fact, hydrological-cycle destabilization is the baseline force of world life and life means destruction. But again the unifying concept is not allowed into public discussion.

The connected global forces of life and life means destruction are screened out by  the established framework of meaning. As these forces released from what modest public regulation has developed to protect organic, social and ecological life systems, the systemic despoliation of global life-organisation becomes only worse in running down biodiverse energy capacities on all levels to carry evolving life on Earth forward rather than backwards into cumulative planetary degradation and death.

The ultimate screen against the reality of these global forces of life destruction and pollution continuing is ignore-ance of all of them.

The never-mentioned political items include the cover-up of all the momentous issues in the campaign before ‘Brexit’ and after it to today, the clear and transient minority vote for Leave the EU in a largely apathetic and cynical referendum with no binding force.

Then WHAM , the shock doctrine in construction led by mountebanks, privately financed without a question from outside, and no investigation at all into the political plate-shift to pure lies and show as better images to convert England into a side-show money machine with tentacles of debt, seize and short everywhere with no instituted independent life-protective law and norms secure against the carcinomic private debt and money control system.

The Great Repeal Act of them and the early unscheduled election to cement it in as legitimate before the public wakes up tell us the meaning.

All of these are giant steps in the greatest system-wide reverse and financial boondoggle by far in modern English-speaking economic history and social-ecological evolution.


There is No Alternative

The re-grounded Labour movement does the best it can for the working people and dispossessed across Great Britain, the only organised institution to do so in the country. But this too is only ridiculed and condescended to in the corporate press even as its people message gets through

In recent days, Labour has stood for returning the looted national railway system and other privatized utilities to a productive public direction, for taxing the rich more to fund falling public services, and for connecting Britain’s terrorist problem to its armed-force actions in other countries from which the terrorists come.

This has given a spike in the polls to Corbyn labour. Yet still the profound  major issues of ‘Brexit’ itself have been covered over. The dots of the essentially phoney Leave the EU referendum are not yet joined. The holus-bolus financial and environmental deregulation by the Brexit scheme remains undefined. The basic outline for the historic hoax has remained undetected into June.

The de-regulation coup and de-taxation revolution have remained invisible behind PM May’s save-the-day public image over the hapless Corbyn people as the impossible alternative.

“There is no alternative” has been reconstituted into the 2017 election. The underlying driver to cement the unaccountable private money power demanding ever more into a de-regulation frenzy remains unnamed. The profitable despoliation of life means and organisation at every level is what it stands for.

Not even the master slogan of ‘Brexit’ is deconstructed as a public relations mask of the greatest backward move in life-protective norms in historical record: and all to serve life-means destroying or unproductive money-party powers that are fronted by photogenic leaders at all levels.

The rationally self-maximizing growth of private-profit power over all existing assets is built into the meta program. But it is not comprehended. It exactly follows the inner logic of ruling economic, military and strategic game theory in models and calculations, but there is no making of the connections to link across the simultaneous phenomena which are life blindly forming the future.

At the pop level, it is the objective correlative of the fictional Matrix.



The June 8 British election is set to lock in the big-money coup against long evolved regulations and norms protecting human, social and environmental life. The crisis is incomprehension of the meaning.

A corrosive cynicism of EU capacity to govern for the public interest (Greece the continuous demonstration), media-debased public perceptions suppressing the historic stakes involved, a US presidency speaking out of both sides of its mouth, NATO-supported Nazism in Ukraine as Western freedom, and other degenerate trends  have not been connected in their unifying pattern – within which UK money-party reversal of post-War socio-economic evolution is taking place.

The conversion of organic, social and ecological life organisation into more money demand for fewer is now being rapidly instituted into place. Britain’s June 8 snap election is the stamp of money-power rule as legitimate in the founding nation of English-speaking civilisation.

PM Theresa May is the political face of the great leap backwards once certain that she will win with a 24% poll lead over Labour, now closing fast. So far the ruling politics of one distracting spectacle after another has worked. Yet there is a growing intuition of the fast slippage of social and ecological life order into UK chaos with no human centre of gravity in charge.  The British public may still see through to the underlying radical program of government de-regulation, de-taxation, and de-funding to further empower the financial looting and life-despoiling forces at work.

Joining the dots behind the scenes reveals the emerging plot of meaning. The Great Brexit:


(1) stops the EU Central Bank Regulators and Supervisors from finally checking out the models, risk culture methods, inadequate reserves and so on of big London banks involved including Goldman-Sachs in the 2007-8 financial collapse, and

(2) eliminates the binding force of all the long-evolved and scientific EU regulations structured to prevent, in particular, the corporate industrial food system’s polluting and despoiling US-led methods undermining the British people’s health and environment.  


Brexit’s Great Repeal Act and PM May’s snap June election is the only way to achieve (1) and (2) without negotiation or exposing public issue.

London financial accountability has most of all been silenced as an issue. Its growing trillions of nano-second fast-dealing to enrich the already rich by unregulated methods and calculations remain immune from any independent oversight while the trepid Dodd-Frank legislation in the US is stripped out at the same time.

Similarly, the very aims and principles of the binding, monitored and still developing Organic Agriculture Directive are anathema to Britain’s US-led Big Agriculture and Food lobbies, not only around GMO restrictions – which US trade authorities and British GMO ‘science’ have made war on for over 15 years – but around every EU restriction on pesticides and herbicides to clear-cutting environments for monocultural factory methods to commodity motor rackets and pollutions to norms of licensed “food quality” in the corporate market.

The very governing EU objectives of “biodiversity”, “animal protection”, and “organic natural systems and cycles” are a threat to Big Food production and products when attached to exactly defined, inspected and enforceable life standards. Long used to pervasive public relations sales pitches of “feeding the world” in place of accountable, life-protective environmental and nutrition standards, this very powerful British lobby is next to London Big Finance as the covertly moving major profit-first force behind the Brexit coup d’etat.

Both are in principle life-blind in their mechanical financial models. Both are governed only by self-maximizing private money sequencing in exponential growth with no life-coherent ground or norms to stop their march across the world through organic, social and ecological life hosts. Both have led the Great Repeal of developed EU life standards beneath the radar of media coverage, parliamentary diagnosis, and academic silos.

It is not an exaggeration to observe that the founding nation of the English-speaking world chooses more than its own life future in the June 8 2017 general election.


Dr. John McMurtry is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and author of the three-volume study, Philosophy and World Problems of UNESCO’s Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems (EOLSS). His most recent book is The Cancer Stage of Capitalism: from Crisis to Cure.



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