Brexit – Why things will get worse and what’s coming next

26th June 2016 / United Kingdom

The Conservative government misjudged the EU referendum as much as they did the general election back last May which is what ultimately caused Brexit to happen in the first place.

A totally out of touch, arrogant British establishment demonised the poor, the unemployed, sick and disabled, attacked working rights, forced millions into insecure work, crushed the middle classes and lied to everyone in policy terms from taxes, to war, to the NHS and beyond. Osborne has sold state assets built up over the generations and privatised at a greater rate than by all chancellors combined since Thatcher to stem an expanding financial back hole that his policies were unable to fill.

In the meantime, both political parties have been found to be harbouring the mega-rich in British tax havens for decades and then imposed austerity on those least able to cope. Politicians made everyone except themselves pay for debts racked up at the global casino.

Thatcher, Blair and Cameron are one and the same. They came to make the richer richer and the poor poorer with a neoliberal ideology and its thuggery. The result is that 64 per cent of UK households now need state aid for daily survival. Uncontrolled house prices and rents are turfing out hundreds of thousands and now the cause of a new poverty class escalating towards an alarming Dickensian era.

Such is the neoliberal arrogance and contempt that the political class have in Britain over almost everyone except members of their tiny clique, that they rolled the dice on Britain’s future and gave a protest vote to the millions of disenfranchised and disaffected.

The result was not just about the valid concerns of immigration or refugees or about an unelected bunch of ex-banker bureaucrats in the EU construct – it was a combination of all these reasons and much more.

The divide and rule model that the neoliberal ideology of our two party state have so successfully implemented in the past few years is heading towards its pinnacle of achievement. The young will blame the old for this referendum, the educated will blame the uneducated, the rich will blame the poor. Campaigns will attempt to reverse democratic principles, Scotland and Wales may conjure up a little known EU veto on Brexit – a rising class war and nationalism will be boosted. Hatred, racism and bigotry will become endemic. This is just what right-wing politicians want right now – it diverts our energy away from them.

Decades of failure by the political class reaching back to the late 1970’s has raised a clear and troublesome picture of political and corporate power where rising inequality is now simply the symptom of expanding corporate profits and those being left behind. Thatcher brought nothing but the Americanisation of Britain with its ‘individualism’ and unrestrained materialism – she did not believe there was such a thing as society. Blair brought us a deception that caused a mass migration from the Middle East and North Africa as a result of carpet bombing innocent families and then walked away with a swag bag of millions. Cameron, nothing more than a senior public relations officer for white collar criminals such as bankers, hedgies and corporate thugs, will slink off into a tax haven sunset whistling with his hands in his pockets, only to emerge on the executive board of rapacious corporations who care little for public welfare.

David Cameron, hailed by Johnson and Gove as a great leader and Prime Minister on his so-called resignation, was voted in on just 26 per cent of the electorate in 2010 and required the help of the LibDems to get into power. He then wins a general election in 2015 with a margin of 15 seats whilst 28 seats are now being investigated by a dozen police forces for electoral fraud. Six months later he was sacked by his own party – a condemnation of his abilities that led to nothing but failure.

Jeremy Corbin, voted in on the basis of real change for the disenfranchised played a disastrous game in this referendum, proving he is as useless as the rest of them. His party will literally fall apart though mass resignations designed to inflict max-damage on Corbyn. The result? He will now be stabbed in the back by all and asunder and will turn out to be as electable as my cat without some serious intervention of the unions.

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And whilst all this may appear to be a damning judgment on the Establishment that exists in modern day Britain, this is playing into directly into the hands of the more extreme right-wing contingent of the Tory party.

After the political fallout over the next few weeks and months, a general election fostered by a euphoric Tory party will unite behind Brexiteers from within their ranks is very likely. The Tories will win again only this time by a much bigger margin and make no mistake, it will be a real right-wing element at the reigns. Suddenly, the characters at the helm will be the likes of Johnson, Gove, May, Hunt and Iain Duncan Smith, the delivery boys of the neoliberal architecture that heavily contributed to ‘Brexit’.

The NHS will go, everything that is left will be sold off to the highest bidder in an unprecedented privatisation drive. Workers rights and protections will be cast aside in favour of corporate profit. Austerity will be intensified on those who dared to challenge the Establishment.

But first, we have tomorrow, Monday 27th June and the following days and weeks of retribution by the financial gangsters and bandits that menacingly roam our streets in the City of London. Banks and corporations will threaten to leave the UK, financial and stock markets around the world will pull assets out of Britain in a vindictive chorus of  “I told you so” and we’ll see the immediate cratering of our economy. They won’t stop until the people of Britain capitulate and either demand another referendum or vote in the Tories in a landslide out of abject fear. The latter will happen anyway – all this before the year is out.

Soon too, you will hear the evangelists of ‘unity’, none of which will work or heard as our society becomes more and more divided by racial hatred.

What you are witnessing is anarchy by the rich and powerful and now the gloves are off. Get ready to be bludgeoned like never before until you are on your knees begging for their neoliberal mercy.

If Britain is to have any chance at all, it must stand tall in the face of a wave of economic, social and political aggression. Citizens need to demand a new economic model that centres around manufacturing, clean energy and new technologies. But it must not accept anything less than real financial regulation and a drastic reduction in the spiralling inequality that is so dividing our country.

Britain’s rich are 64% richer than before the recession, while the poor are 57% poorer – all that in just 8 years. Overall, about 20 per cent of the population are doing much better and 80 per cent are doing much worse. By the end of this parliament half of all children in the UK are predicted to be living in poverty. This was the real reason for ‘Brexit’.

What people want is a secure job that pays a fair wage, afford a decent home and raise a family, all of which has been economised, off-shored, commodified or used to enslave those being trapped and left behind.

If the European Union starts to crack and fall apart it won’t be because Britain’s vote to leave caused it. Ultimately it will be because it’s not supported by its own citizens. When the EU project fails and it will one day, Britain will have had a head start in repairing its damaged economy and prospects. Hopefully, along the way our divisions will bind us in a common cause where we can regain a sense of social justice and enjoy the fruits of our labour. Being rid of a self-centred neoliberal model is the first step, if we have the balls for the battle ahead.

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