Cuba’s Raul Castro Rejects US-Style Neoliberalism

18th April 2016 / United Kingdom

By Stephen Lendman – Neoliberalism prioritizes dominance over democracy, profits over populism, private interests over public ones – a zero-sum game benefitting monied interests over all others, societies made unfit to live in.

At the opening of the Communist Party of Cuba’s four-day 7th Congress on Saturday, President Raul Castro said the nation remains true to its domestic and geopolitical founding principles.

He denounced (Western-sponsored) terrorism, Cuba victimized since its revolution triumphed over US-supported despotism.

He expressed solidarity with other nations seeking an end to Western colonial tyranny. He highlighted CELAC’s (Community of Latin American and Caribbean States) proclamation of the region as a Zone of Peace, free from nuclear weapons.

He warned of continued US meddling to destabilize the region and prevent integration – “reaffirm(ing) our support (for efforts leading to) tangible benefits for the vast majority of people in the most unequal region on the planet.”

He reiterated support for Bolivarian social democratic fairness at a time Washington is going all-out to make Venezuela’s economy scream – wanting US controlled tyranny replacing Chavismo.

America hasn’t changed its ways, he stressed, only its methods, its longstanding imperial objectives menacing the region and humanity.

Normalization depends on lifting the illegal blockade, returning sovereign Guantanamo territory, along with no longer aiming to undermine Cuban sovereignty and encourage “irregular emigration.”

Castro rejected predatory capitalism and rampant privatization, saying “Cuba will never permit the application of so-called shock therapies, which are frequently applied to the detriment of society’s humble classes.”

“The neoliberal formulas that promote accelerated privatization of state assets and social services such as education, health and social security will never be applied under Cuban socialism.”

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“Private enterprise will evolve within defined limits and will provide a complementary element of the country’s economic framework,” he added.

If Washington succeeds in sowing internal divisions, “it will be the beginning of the end.”

Fidel approaching age 90 is Cuba’s elder statesman, its pioneering revolutionary spirit.

Raul, aged 84, intends stepping down when his current term as president ends in 2018. “I will hand over my responsibilities to whoever is elected,” he said.

He called economic development and struggle for peace “the Party’s principal missions.”

Cuba has many problems to overcome. Its main one lies north of its border.


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His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.” Visit his blog site at

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