Election – One million under 45s register to vote in one month

3rd November 2019 / United Kingdom
One million register to vote in one month

TruePublica Editor: Bad news for Boris Johnson keeps piling up as election campaigning is in now full swing.

First up and quite serious for all sorts of reasons is the news that evidence that could lead to criminal charges against the pro-Brexit campaign led by Boris Johnson and his key adviser, Dominic Cummings, has now been passed by police to the criminal prosecution authorities. This is significant because the police would not have submitted evidence if it thought it could not bring and win a case like this. Is this a political move to get back at the Tories for slashing 20,000 police officers and politicising the force over the last decade? Maybe, maybe not.

Next up is former Attorney General Dominic Grieve who has just accused the government of lying about the threat posed by Russian election hacking ahead of the election. This story matters for two reasons. First, the whole ‘Russiagate’ story is nonsense and secondly – it’s the government who keeps promoting warnings of external enemies when none exist. It is a conspiracy theory and not backed by evidence. Hence the reason why Boris Johnson’s government has decided to keep the official report under wraps until after the election.

Then, it doesn’t help that Nigel Farage has attacked Boris Johnson for taking no-deal off the table because those die-hard no-dealers could lose Johnson crucial marginal seats. The consequence is that Johnson now refuses to accept that he may have to join forces in some sort of coalition with the Brexit Party just to stay in power.

In the meantime, NHS doctors have attacked the PM for the looming annual festival of death as represented by the ‘winter crisis.’ In reaction to help stave off expected bad news reports The Observer reports that No 10, in an unprecedented move, has been planning to set up its own NHS “operations unit” as evidence mounts of lack of capacity and increasing waits for patients at A&E departments and on hospital trolleys. The British Medical Association went on the attack and issued a highly critical statement, saying it should not take a general election to prompt the government to act.

It also turns out that Johnson and Hancock are also said to be considering giving the NHS an emergency cash boost to help it cope. If awarded, the money would be used to pay for increased social care support, to try to stop hospitals from getting overcrowded, and also hire more agency staff to help keep services running. The BMA council chair Dr Chaand Nagpaul was incandescent – stating the looming winter crisis was expected to be worse than ever and saving Johnson’s bacon should not be the driving force for allocating more money to save lives.

In more just as bad news – the Tories so-called ‘fracking ban’ has turned out to be an election ploy after admitting the suspension may only be temporary and the Betfair Exchange has priced a Conservative Party general election win at ‘evens’ – not the huge margin being predicted a month ago. The 13 to 16 point (something like 60+ seat majority) lead widely publicised by the media has in fact already been slashed to only eight points ahead of Labour, according to a poll for Tory friendly The Sunday Telegraph. Today, its sorry sounding headline was “Tory majority in doubt as Telegraph poll lead of just eight points.”

“The ORB International survey for the newspaper puts the Tories on 36 per cent, with 28 for Labour, 14 per cent for the Liberal Democrats and 12 per cent for Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party. Undertaken on Wednesday and Thursday, the new poll is likely to spark concern within the Conservative campaign. Experts warned that Mr Johnson will need to significantly increase his lead to be sure of securing a majority.”

In addition, the conservatives have been caught on day one of campaigning of using underhand tactics in key marginal seats in their campaign by using voter ‘disengagement’ strategies aimed at young voters. This was one of the tactics used in the Facebook/Analytica scandal that rocked the EU referendum result – driven by Dominic Cummings at the Vote Leave campaign.

However – it appears that the young have finally decided to fight back and the numbers are not just unexpected they are significant.

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However – it appears that the young have finally decided to fight back and the numbers are not just unexpected they are significant.


In the last month between October 4th to November 2nd, just over 400,000 (400,229) under 25-year-olds have registered to vote. Another 393,136 have registered in the 25-34-year-old age group and 216,253 in the 35-44 bracket have done the same. That is just over 1 million new voters registered to make their voice heard in the most bitterly contested election in post-war history. Demographically speaking, about 75 per cent of those new voters under 25 will be anti-Brexit and angry at the last three years and have an axe to grind at their elders.

In those three age brackets, over 33,000 new voters are registering every day and getting ready to head to the polls.

Register to vote

If you want to apply to vote by post, register before:

  • 5pm on 26 November if you live in England, Scotland or Wales
  • 5pm on 21 November if you live in Northern Ireland

If you’re going to be abroad on election day, you can apply to vote by proxy after you’ve registered. It takes time to vote by post from overseas.

The deadline to register in the UK to vote in this election is November 26th You can register HERE




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