Guess what is missing from the Oxford COVID-19 Vaccine trials?

24th April 2020 / United Kingdom
Guess what is missing from the Oxford COVID-19 Vaccine trials?

By TruePublica: Here we see more propaganda in action. Spewed out by the government, handed out in press releases to the mainstream media who then parrot it unquestioningly to an unsuspecting public.

The BBC headline: Coronavirus: UK ‘throwing everything’ at developing vaccine. Matt Hancock said in the daily Downing Street briefing that human trials for a vaccine, developed by the University of Oxford, would begin on Thursday. Hancock said in the BBC report that – “the UK was at the “front of the global effort” and had invested more money than any other country.

Sky News: Coronavirus: Wanted – Volunteers for COVID-19 vaccine trials who could earn up to £625. Teams at the University of Oxford and Imperial College London are each getting at least another £20m of public money after making “rapid progress” in the hunt for a COVID-19 vaccine, Health Secretary Matt Hancock has said.

The Independent published the same story – saying pretty much the same thing, so did The Telegraph, The Metro, and so on. It looks like the government is really onto something here.

There is just one tiny little detail they all missed out.

The vaccine and production of it, is, in fact, a collaboration with an organisation called IRBM – an Italian based research facility that specialises in drug discovery. Researchers at IRBM invented and developed pivotal drugs such as Zolinza (a HDAC inhibitor for the treatment of lymphomas), Isentress (the first-in-class HIV integrase inhibitor), Grazoprevir (part of combination therapy Zepatier, a HCV cure), and Zejula (a PARP inhibitor for ovarian cancer). All four drugs successfully passed clinical trials and entered the market. In 2016, IRBM developed an ultrasensitive mutant Huntingtin quantification assay, now widely used to detect levels of the mutant protein in samples from Huntington’s disease patients. The IRBM lab was, until 2010 part of the huge Merck Research and pharmaceutical giant (currently worth $42bn).


It is disingenuous of the health minister Matt Hancock along with the mainstream media to state that this vaccine is a solely British initiative between the University of Oxford and Imperial College London – because it isn’t


The collaboration is with the Jenner Institute of Oxford University through Advent Srl, its cGMP-certified Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization. It’s MD Matteo Liguori was recently quoted as saying about the UK collaboration to come up with a COVID-19 vaccine – “Their expertise in coronavirus matched with our knowledge on adenovirus.”

Mr. Liguori clarifies that animal testing has not been skipped as it is being carried out in the UK, hence, the reason why the first clinical trials will be conducted in the UK, with results expected in September.  If successful, Liguori then optimistically said – “After that, the most exposed people, as medical staff and law enforcement, will be involved. Vaccinating 7 billion people won’t be easy at all, it will depend on several factors […]. We do believe that the vaccine is going to arrive.

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Liguori also conformed that and Prof. Sarah Gilbert of the Jenner Institute had told The Times that this study has an 80% chance of reaching those people who need it. “We are creating something not existing yet, we are facing a big challenge”.

It is disingenuous of the Government and health minister Matt Hancock along with the mainstream media to state that this COVID-19 vaccine is a solely British initiative – because it isn’t. Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite fit in with the ‘we’ve left the EU’ mantra does it – a bit like not buying PPE from the EU, even though lives are at risk.


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