Leaked US docs on NHS – ‘Information not disinformation’

8th December 2019 / United Kingdom
Leaked US docs on NHS - 'Information not disinformation'

With the news that Amazon has been given total data access to NHS data it can use to develop products to sell internationally to third parties companies, including US healthcare companies – without paying a single penny to the UK – is proof of intent. The government said this project was to help the elderly and blind – not hand it over lock, stock and barrel for free – which it subsequently did.

With reference to the leaked documents that many in the mainstream media have attempted to cover-up in another fabrication of their own – one thing is true – these documents are information not disinformation.

A Global Justice Now spokesperson said of these documents:

The leak of the Trump Trade Files has revealed the threat to NHS drug prices, to food standards and to our democracy itself from a US-UK trade deal. Wherever the leak came from, no one has disputed that the documents are real. They are information, not disinformation.

Voters can now clearly see what the Conservative government has been willing to put on the table in these trade talks, and will be able to make an informed choice on 12 December.”


When voting on the 12th December, everyone should remember what the current Conservative government stands for – one of its goals is to open up the NHS and gut it even though it has emphatically denied it. This election is not about tribal loyalties – it’s as much about saving democracy as it is about political morality and deciding the future direction of Britain’s health and economic prosperity in a rapidly changing world. The Conservative party are clearly not the party to guide the country in these challenging times.



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