The Best Podcast On The British Covid-19 Vaccine

27th November 2020 / United Kingdom
The Best Podcast On The British Covid-19 Vaccine

TruePublica Editor: One of the sources of information I get (from quite a few different sources) are the many podcasts published each week by The Economist magazine. One reason is that whilst the magazine is subscription-based, the podcasts are free.

The Economist takes a ‘centrists’ political and economic view, which Wikipedia describes as – “Despite a pronounced editorial stance, it is seen as having little reporting bias, rigorous fact-checking and strict copy editing.”

This week, on a show called Babbage (a name derived from the English mathematician and inventor Charles Babbage, who originated the concept of a digital programmable computer) is an episode entitled – “Another dose of good news—what do the latest vaccine developments mean?

This 30-minute podcast really is worth the effort to sit and listen to, especially as the introductory description does not do it justice at all.

Important questions are answered, such as – how did the scientists at Oxford University manage the feat of creating the Covid-19 vaccine in such a short amount of time – and what waits for us all at the other end once the vaccine has been distributed. If you have doubts about taking the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine, this podcast will help to explain so much as to be able to help make your mind up.

Economist Episode Introduction: “FOLLOWING PROMISING results from Pfizer and Moderna, why is a third Covid-19 vaccine, from Oxford University and AstraZeneca, so important in the fight against covid-19? Host Kenneth Cukier and The Economist’s health policy editor Natasha Loder investigate the different approaches to this immense challenge. And Nicholas Christakis, a doctor and network scientist at Yale University, explains how despite a vaccine the pandemic could change humanity for good.”





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