This tweet says it all

15th June 2020 / United Kingdom
This tweet says it all

TruePublica Editor: There’s no need for me to explain anything at all here. The image shows far-right thugs in a full-on Nazi salute aimed at the Met Police who are not just protecting statues and property but now more increasingly democracy itself. Hit the link and start reading a Twitter thread starting from Tom London (@TomLondon6) – that reads – “I am reading about Hitler’s democratic rise to power It is chilling how many parallels there are in 2020.”

To add some context, Tom London has nearly 62,000 followers. His bio says: Supporting #SalusburyWorld4Refugees, a campaign to engage community and to raise money to ensure we can continue to deliver projects to support our families.” Salusbury is – “Challenging myths about immigration and asylum-supporting refugee kids, families & more in schools & beyond.”

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