VIDEO: 18 Yrs ago this week: How the media enabled the Iraq War

31st March 2021 / United Kingdom
VIDEO: 18 Yrs ago this week: How the media enabled the Iraq War

18 yrs ago this week, the Iraq War began – and we should never forget how the Media Sold, Enabled & Whitewashed the War.

By 2015 the Shocking Truth Of UK Involvement In The Deaths of 6-8 million in Iraq and Afghanistan had become clear. The Middle East collapsed into an environment of tribal terror as fundamental institutions such as healthcare and education fell apart.

It didn’t stop there. America and Britain then attacked Libya, the most stable and wealthiest country in Africa that provided free healthcare and education to all of its citizens. Today, it is run by terrorists and gangs where slave-trade markets now exist.

These events never take place without a compliant mainstream media.


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