Watch: What you need to know about the Coronavirus Act

28th September 2020 / United Kingdom
Watch: What you need to know about the Coronavirus Act

Let’s make sure we don’t blame the wrong people here. The police are not the enemy, nor are many government agencies that are operating under difficult circumstances. Both have been given rules, areas of guidance and laws to manage that conflict with our understanding of civil society. But these are not normal times and because a global pandemic is not normal, it is imperative that for the sake of public health and the economy, the government has a plan that defends both. The problem is – they don’t. So they’ve given themselves sweeping powers to do as they please. This has led to the public getting frustrated and angry, with some taking to the streets – leaving the police to be the fall guys for what is essentially failed politics. And as Britain has one of the worst death rates from Covid-19 and its economy is one of the worst affected, it is little wonder that the public have lost faith in the government and started taking action.

The Coronavirus Act gave Boris Johnson powers not seen in this country for hundreds of years and they have exercised it in numerous ways – sometimes when it has nothing to do with managing the virus. Again, we urge you to watch the short film, not blame the police but take action against the government and bringing powers back to parliament. 

This is a vital opportunity to take mass action against the Coronavirus Act. Your MP will have an opportunity to vote on the Coronavirus Act again on Wednesday 30th September. Tell them to repeal the draconian powers in the Act now! Email your MP now: Use this template HERE

The Coronavirus Act is the biggest expansion of state power in a generation – and could stay in law for years. Emergency powers should carry emergency time limits. That’s why we campaigned for, and won, the right for MPs to vote on the Act every 6 months. The first vote is on Wednesday 30th September. Tell your MP to repeal these draconian powers!



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