Weekend – Letters to the editor

26th October 2019 / United Kingdom
Weekend - Letters to the editor

How to get ‘Letters to the Editor’ published

Keep it short and sweet – don’t wander off from the point you wish to make, get your facts straight as you see them and most of all try to make us laugh or cry or both! From there, it’s down to the editor.


Bloody Everything


I’m sick of it all – I mean everything. Politicians and their endless bloody Brexit saga. I hate the state surveilling me with bloody CCTV cameras everywhere I go, being asked for ID when I go the GP I’ve been going to for thirty years to calm my nerves, fruitcakes on the left and nutters on the right. My crap pension annoys me every month, my wife’s even crappier (now deferred) pension is worse, banks, the bloody neighbours and their stinking BBQ. The bloody garden endlessly needs attention and money like my bloody ‘remainer’ 40-year-old kids and grand-children I’m forced to like. Frankly, I’m looking forward to my future – it’s a nice hole in the ground about 6 ft deep so I can rest in peace without having to continually witness the bloody mess this country and my family is in now!

Frank (Bloody) Brownlow – Staffordshire.

The Climate Crisis


In the context of the climate emergency, contemporary economics is becoming obsolete. In order to mitigate the disastrous effects of climate breakdown with appropriate policy and action, politicians need to know the real value to society of human activity. Currently, the economics profession does not evaluate this. It is blinkered by the metrics of financial transactions and does not consider the quality of experienced outcomes.

Orthodox economics is tied to the ideology of a market economy whereby value is determined by the consumer and, to some extent, governments. Whereas what is urgently required, is the measurement of this missing dimension: the degree of benefit or harmfulness to humanity of each and every economic activity. This would change perception and have a bearing on present dominant financial value.

Once known, politicians would be able to identify those activities that have negative or mixed outcomes that could be most quickly substituted with alternative, beneficial ones, and direct their action accordingly.


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Geoff Naylor – Winchester


Trade Deals

In your article 21/10 – “The MAGA Agenda and what history tells us about being an American ally at times of crisis” – the author mentions that those in favour of Brexit, hold the belief that a favourable trade deal can easily be negotiated with the United States. I’m not so sure that they do. Has the radical right in the Tory party now lost sight of their original intentions and simply fighting a political trench war on the basis that if nothing else – they won. The political chasm that has opened is no longer about what is good for Britain – either within or outside of the European Union – (with or without the USA) – it’s now about the deep-seated tactical strategies of class-war playing out via Brexit. Brexit is no longer about trade deals – its quite simply turned into militant tendencies on the left and the radical free-marketeers on the right who despise each others ideology – the rest of us are caught up in a war of their making!

Jan Goldsmith – Northampton


Yes but no but yes but …


Was I well informed about the implications of voting either way in the 2016 referendum? Was anyone else?  Was the electorate sold a raft of untruths? Has anyone made up their minds about what leaving the EU is all about? Is there any consensus from any group even amongst remainers or leavers what should actually happen? And how long will this Brexit hell go on for? The answers are really quite simple ….

No, No, Yes, No, No – until I die and into infinity.

Or we could have a final say – a people’s vote with a threshold of say 55/45 to give leavers the advantage to encourage them to agree to it – which is what should have happened first time around!! 

Andrea Bullock – Suffolk 




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