Hillary Clinton: Wall Street Puppet With A Dangerous Agenda

13th December 2015 / United States

by Stephen Lendman

A Clinton presidency would be disastrous. Among an array of deplorable aspirants, she stands out as the worst of the bunch – the most dangerous, disreputable and duplicitous.

Her record as first lady, New York senator and secretary of state is well documented – unabashedly pro-war, pro-business, pro-Wall Street, pro-Israel’s killing machine, anti-populist, anti-democracy, anti-rule of law principles, and an agenda against a nation fit to live in.

Days earlier, she pledged to elevate Washington’s ties with Israel “to the next level,” saying, as president, she’ll work with Netanyahu on “very much strengthening and intensifying our relationship on military matters” – code language for closer US/Israeli partnership on regional wars, as well as supporting its genocidal state terror on defenseless Palestinians.

She’s one-sidedly anti-Iranian. The military option “should not be taken off the table,” she blustered – recklessly and irresponsibly accusing Tehran of “provocative behavior.” It’s the region’s leading advocate for peace and stability, free from the threat of nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction.

Given her extremist ideology, chances for US aggression against the Islamic Republic would increase markedly with her as president – as well as possibly waging nuclear war on Russia.

She disgracefully compared Russia to Nazi Germany, lied claiming Putin’s aims are revanchist, called him “a KGB agent (so) by definition, he doesn’t have a soul.”

She favors using nuclear weapons, calls them peacekeeping deterrents, wants US-dominated NATO operating more aggressively.

She represents what peace activists deplore, an unabashed over-the-top hawk, supporting endless wars of aggression, as well as monied interests exclusively at the expense of popular ones.

Her rhetoric belies her agenda. Last summer, she sounded more Republican than self-styled progressive, saying:

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“I want to be the small business president, and I mean it. And throughout this campaign I’m going to be talking about how we empower entrepreneurs with less red tape, easier access to capital, tax relief and simplification.”

She favors the illusion of stimulating economic growth by corporate tax cuts and other business friendly measures – with no program to address Depression-level unemployment (opposite phony Labor Department numbers), underemployment or reduce poverty.

Nothing to stop continued offshoring of US jobs to low-wage countries. Nothing to help growing millions of ordinary Americans most in need.

Wall Street is in good hands with her as president – opposite her duplicitous December 7 NYT op-ed, headlined “Hillary Clinton: How I’d Rein in Wall Street.”

She lied, claiming Obama restored the economy to good health – solely for corporate and privileged interests, at the expense of everyone else.

Jobs she touted businesses created are mostly rotten low-pay, poor-or-no-benefit, part-time or temp ones – forcing millions to need two or more to survive, for many just barely, polar opposite the way things were decades ago when industrial America was strong.

So-called laws and regulations she claims “protect consumers and curb recklessness on Wall Street” don’t exist. Dirty business is dirtier than ever. Bipartisan complicity permits it.

Virtually nothing protects ordinary people from Wall Street and other corporate predation. Clinton lied, saying “(a)s president, I would not only veto any legislation that would weaken financial reform, but I would also fight for tough new rules, stronger enforcement and more accountability that go well beyond Dodd-Frank.”

Her public record shows she’s a reliable Wall Street tool. Her self-proclaimed populism is pure fantasy. She represents pure evil, opposite the image she tries to portray, a transparent front, easily discovered by examining her deplorable public record.

Her scheme for reining in Wall Street is empowering its major players more than ever. Her top campaign contributors include Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase and Morgan Stanley – buying influence to assure a Clinton presidency will support their interests.

Claiming she’ll use her authority as president to “reorganize, downsize, and ultimately break up any financial institution that is too large and risky to be managed effectively” is one of her many Big Lies, obvious on its face.

Greater industry consolidation and speculative excess will continue unabated on her watch. Husband Bill was responsible for ending Glass-Steagall (Hillary opposes reinstating it) and enacting the Commodity Futures Modernization Act – ending regulatory oversight of derivatives and leveraging.

Hillary partnered shamelessly in her husband’s high crimes, domestic and foreign. She obsessively seeks unlimited wealth and power.

The Clinton Foundation is a profit-making enterprise, masquerading as a legitimate NGO – now used to advance Hillary’s presidential ambitions, getting millions of dollars in donations from disreputable foreign sources, including a Saudi royal family member and corrupted Ukrainian oligarch.

If elected president, she’ll continue dirty business as usual, supporting monied interests, especially Wall Street crooks and war profiteers.

They’re in good hands with her in the White House. Why else would they be contributing millions to her campaign!

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net.

His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”


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