The Pentagon Black Budget: $21 TRILLION Dollars ‘Missing’

22nd May 2018 / United States
The Pentagon Black Budget: $21 Trillion Dollars 'Missing'

By Global Research: According to the United States Office of the Inspector General, $21 Trillion in taxpayer money is unaccounted for.

As unbelievable and absurd as that sounds, the actual total of unaccounted for taxpayer money at the Pentagon is most likely significantly more than $21 trillion.

“The fact that this mind-blowing amount of missing tax money has not been a lightning rod for mainstream media coverage, congressional investigations, and a lead issue for all political representatives, particularly those who claim to care about our skyrocketing national debt, calls into serious question the integrity and legitimacy of all leadership and responsible parties. … We are trapped in a vicious cycle; increased military spending, with inadequate oversight, leads to billions of our annual taxpayer dollars being given directly to the people who profit of war, terrorism and societal destabilization in general – as evidence clearly demonstrates.”

According to United States government documents, since 1998, the Office of the Inspector General has reported on $21 Trillion in unaccounted for taxpayer money.


Researchers are unable to get data for every year of military spending, many Pentagon agencies do not have any publically available records, hundreds of thousands of transactions have been erased, and an estimated millions of transactions do not have any traceable record.

In fact, the Pentagon, which handles more than half of all of our tax dollars allocated by Congress, has never been properly audited – despite the fact that an annual audit has been required by law for all federal government agencies since 1996.

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