Vanbergen: From Strong and Stable to May’s Mayhem – Rats, Ship – Plop, Plop!

10th June 2017 / Contributor News


UPDATED a lot….


DUP Deal Falling Through – Tories preparing for new general election – this autumn?

This from both Swawkbox and and even Tory supporter Guido Fawkes at It appears the Tories are preparing to drag a weary electorate to the polls once again, probably as early as this autumn.

As the SKWAWKBOX showed yesterday, Theresa May unforgivably used the Grenfell Tower tragedy as cover for her inability to reach an agreement with the DUP’s Arlene Foster, by claiming the further delay in the announcement of a deal was because of the terrible fire.

Foster flew home to Northern Ireland and the Tories claimed juniors were hashing out the final details.

But this morning, the Conservatives are spreading word to their activists to prepare for a new General Election – which can only mean there is no deal, or at best a slim and receding prospect of one.

Insider Guido Fawkes at 0rder-order gave the game away:





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13/6/17 – Who has eaten their humble pie?

Before this election, Jeremy Corbyn was subjected to such incredible levels of hostility from sections of the media that even David Dimbleby, along with a former chair of the BBC Trust, former BBC politics editor Nick Robinson and a BBC investigation into Laura Kuennsberg began to criticise his treatment by some journalists.

The offices of the Guardian and Observer have been at the forefront of this, and have churned out tens of thousands of words in anti-Corbyn blogs and op-eds in the past two years. Someone has even compiled 24 of their most vitriolic anti-Corbyn hit pieces.

Read More …



13/6/17 – Not sure how true this is but ….

Nigel Farage to be given role in Brexit talks under DUP-Conservative deal – reports



12/6/17That Petition, as mentioned further down this blog has now risen to nearly 3/4 million. Although slowing in new signatures per hour, may well reach close to a million within a few days.



12/6/17 – Sky News reports that “The PM postpones the key address, leading to claims she is struggling to “agree a backroom deal” as she “clings to power”.

A Labour spokesperson said: “Number 10’s failure to confirm the date of the Queen’s Speech shows that this government is in chaos, as it struggles to agree a backroom deal with a party with abhorrent views on LGBT and women’s rights.”

In another eye-rolling twist for Britain and failing to keep up with a modern world an additional delay could be caused because the Queen’s Speech is written on goatskin parchment paper, which requires several days for the ink to dry. The paper does not contain any goatskin, but is high-quality archival paper that is guaranteed to last for at least 500 years. Given the circumstances, you’d think the goatskin writing could wait to save the nation further embarrassment.



12/6/17 – Theresa May is set to delay the Queen’s Speech after her humiliating election drubbing. The speech, in which the government sets out its priorities for the year, was due to take place next Monday reports the Mirror.

But the floundering Tory leader was left weakened by the last Thursday’s poll result, which left her without the majority she needs to pass key legislation.

And Mrs May is scrambling to form a Coalition of Chaos with the DUP to prop up her leadership and prevent her government from unceremoniously collapsing.



12/6/17 – Brexit Secretary David Davis has confirmed, despite all of Theresa May’s promises that Brexit negotiations would start 11 days from the elections, that they will not start after he admitted their hand had been weakened by the result.

Asked when the negotiations were due to get started, he suggested the date had slipped: “Well, it’s in the week of next week, basically, is the first discussions. Which probably means, no negotiations will be started 11 days after the election because Theresa May doesn’t even know at this stage who is on her side, who is sharpening the knives and even if she will be employed next week!



12/6/17 – There’s two ways that a leadership contest can be triggered in the Conservative party – one of them being that the leader resigns says the Metro in their article “Here’s how Theresa May could be overthrown at 1922 Committee meeting.”

That’s clearly not happening – but leadership contests can also be triggered if 15% of Tory MPs write to the chairman of the 1922 Committee (composed of Tory backbenchers), saying they have no confidence in the leader. And she faces them later today.

David Davis insisted he was loyal to Mrs May, telling ITV’s Good Morning Britain: ‘There is a distinction between running a campaign and running a country. Davis says – “Running a country is more difficult and she’s formidably good at that.”

Really – I don’t see much evidence of that, does anyone else?



11/6/17: Robert Harris (author, former journalist and BBC presenter) of The Sunday Times has written an excellent piece (subscription pay wall) which echoes much of what I have been saying for years. I have always taken the view that if you treat those less well off with contempt, savagely exploit the working class and make them pay for a rotten system that has bankrupted the country with the fake ideology of austerity whilst lining the pockets of the perpetrators, one day, you will lose power, and when you do, revenge will be exacted.

Harris makes the point so well. “If Thatcher’s mission was to destroy socialism, Mays achievement was resurrecting it.” But the stark reality of what is coming is this: “The Brexit negotiations will be awful, especially after this election result. There is no way the other 27 member countries will allow us to emerge better off. The country will be poorer. Then the electorate’s eyes will narrow. The blame will settle on the Tory party. We will own the entire mess. And their revenge on us at the next election will be awesome to behold. We will be wiped out.



That Petition …

11/6/17 – That Petition keeps on rising. Theresa May said there will NOT be a coalition of CHAOS but she has agreed a so-called ‘confidence’ deal with the The Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), which apparently they have not confirmed and that No10 had to back-track on.

In the meantime, this petition by asks Theresa May should resign has already reached nearly 700,000 signatures (as at 16.30 hrs), which is currently gaining near on 30,000 an hour and should reach a million safely by end of play tomorrow.



11/6/17 – Theresa May announces new reshuffle that didn’t really shuffle anyone as she has so little power to manoeuvre within her own party.

The Metro reports that:

Under-fire Theresa May announces new top team in cabinet reshuffle

The Metro also notes that:

“Meanwhile, Jeremy Corbyn is delaying any reshuffle of Labour;s shadow cabinet in a bid to keep up pressure on the Conservatives.”



11/6/17 -Peter Hitchins is gloating, he said so after all – some extracts from his latest:

 Theresa’s Tories… as useful as a zombie on a broken bike

“The laughable failure of Mrs Theresa May’s empty, tremulous campaign was in fact predictable. I suspected it would happen. But I mostly kept quiet about it here for the past few weeks.

There’s one good outcome. This farcical unwanted Election must surely have shown everyone a key fact – we now live in a country where the supposed natural party of government can no longer really command a majority.

That’s like having a fridge that doesn’t keep your food fresh, or a bicycle with no wheels. If we had any sense (do we?) we’d dump this dead, rotting faction in the nearest skip or landfill, and find a new one to replace it. The Tories failed on Thursday because they have long believed in nothing and are interested only in being in office.”


11/6/17 – According to the Independent : 

Labour now has a six-point lead over the Tories, new poll finds



11/06/17 – Swawkbox Exclusive:

Now that polling stations have closed, the SKWAWKBOX can reveal that Labour’s HQ, in complete contrast to the aggressive, energetic campaign of the party’s leader, mandated a purely defensive strategy for this election – and cost Labour the keys to 10 Downing Street.

Labour HQ defunded marginals. Corbyn achieved this DESPITE them



11/06/17 – Does George know something?

George Osborne: ‘Theresa May Is A Dead Woman Walking’; Standard Editor Sticks Knife In

Theresa May is “a dead woman walking” who will have to be replaced as Prime Minister, former Chancellor George Osborne has declared.

As May reeled from losing her Commons majority after the general election, the Evening Standard editor twisted the knife, warning that the Tories now had to dump a “hard Brexit” to survive.

“Theresa May is a dead woman walking – it’s just how long she can remain on death row,” he said.

“I think we will know very shortly – in other words we could easily get to the middle of next week and it all collapses for her.



10/06/17 – 3:16pm – Police poke fun at Theresa May over reduced MP numbers

Dear Theresa, it’s not the number of MPs that counts it’s how you use them. You have to do more with less that’s all

— Police Community (@PolComForum) June 9, 2017




10/06/17 – Nick tried to explain how well he did whilst ….. resigning. It’s clear he was either pushed or got fired, which in m book pretty much means the same. He blames the worst of all things possible for an election, an – “unexpected surge in support for Labour” – I think we got that message, thanks.

Read the withering resignation despatch here direct from

Nick Timothy: Why I have resigned as the Prime Minister’s adviser



10/06/17 – Want to meet those nice people from the DUP who hold the balance of power in Westminster? Here’s a breakdown of all their best characteristics:


Meet the DUP MPs who now hold the balance of power



10/06/17 – The Torygraph are still at it with their latest backstabbing headlines:

Backlash against Tory-DUP deal grows as petition hits 500,000 signatures

The poll hosted by also calls on Theresa May to resign as Prime Minisiter following the General Election which resulted in a hung parliament.

“Theresa May should resign. This is a disgusting, desperate attempt to stay in power,” the petition reads.

The Torygraph also reports that “People carrying placards reading anti-DUP and pro-Jeremy Corbyn messages basked in the sun in Parliament Square one day after a shock election result returned a hung parliament.

Expect more!


10/06/17: The Independent goes with the view that Mother Theresa is going to blame Facebook and Twitter for her historic loss: THERESA MAY TO LAUNCH WIDE-RANGING INTERNET REGULATION AND SECURITY CHANGES DESPITE NOT WINNING MAJORITY

You’ll be reading lots of headlines quite soon ending with ” despite not winning majority.”



10/06/17 – Theresa May throws advisors under the bus ahead of being pushed herself : The Guardian having a bit of a field-day:

Theresa May’s ‘rude, abusive and childish’ advisers face calls to quit



10/06/17There are many curious laws concerning Northern Ireland and here is where May will find herself finally scotched! 

Two points:
-The DUP can’t vote on English laws (due to the EVEL law passed in 2015) this meant the tories only have a majority when it comes to Brexit and the DUP promised a soft Brexit in their manifesto (due to the border with Ireland). This means the tories can’t vote through their manifesto without the consent of other parties MPs (and it looks like a lot of their own MPs will vote against anyway).

-if it becomes evident they can’t pass bills then there will be a vote of no confidence and there will be another election (hence boris getting ready to oppose her)
-technically there can’t be a coalition with the DUP due to the peace agreement and our promise of neutrality, so there is a “supply of consent”- so the tories are a minority government.


10/06/17 – The Torygraph is clearly angry at Mother Theresa and wants vengeance for her massive ‘miscalculation’ after ….so soon after David Cameron’s massive ‘miscalculation’:

A snap survey conducted by the Conservative Home website revealed that 60 per cent of party members believe Mrs May should quit while just 37 per cent of the 1,500 members who took part said she should stay in post.

Meanwhile, Mrs May will reportedly face a leadership challenge on Monday unless she sacks her two top aides Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill who have been heavily criticised for the running of the Tory election campaign.


A message from Theresa May on the Conservative party website: “I will deliver the strong and proven leadership the country needs to steer us through what will be difficult and uncertain economic and political times.”

Hmm – I think the majority of Britain won’t agree if they can’t celebrate with a little line dancing here and there >>>>>>>>>>>



09/06/17: Robert Peston sticking the knife in and giving it a good twist or two:


Here is the measure of Tory humiliation. Labour takes Kensington and Chelsea where AVERAGE house prices are £1.4m



Senior Tory MP: “We all f***ing hate her. But there is nothing we can do. She has totally f***ed us”.





08/06/17 – The full list of all those MP’s who lost their seats, jobs and cushy pensions. Let’s hope the corporate revolving door keeps them off the streets and out of Job Centres!

Tories – 33 losses

Ben Howlett, Jane Ellison, Richard Fuller, Simon Kirby, Charlotte Leslie, David Nuttall, Julian Brazier, Jason McCartney, Edward Timpson, Gavin Barwell, Amanda Solloway, Caroline Ansell, David Burrowes, Andrew Bingham
Ben Gummer, Kris Hopkins, James Berry, Karl McCartney, Nicola Blackwood, Stewart Jackson, Oliver Colvile, Flick Drummond, Rob Wilson, James Wharton, Neil Carmichael, Tania Mathias, David Mowat, Chris White, Graham Evans
Byron Davies, Craig Williams, James Davies, Victoria Borwick3

Labour – 4 losses

Alan Meale, Natascha Engel, Rob Flello, David Winnick


LibDems – 3 losses

Greg Mulholland, Nick Clegg, Sarah Olney


SNP – 21 losses

Callum McCaig, Mike Weir, Corri Wilson, Eilidh Whiteford, Calum Kerr, Paul Monaghan, Phil Boswell, Richard Arkless, John Nicolson, George Kerevan, Kirsten Oswald, Michelle Thomson, Anne McLaughlin, Alex Salmond, Roger Mullin, Owen Thompson, Angus Robertson, Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh, Margaret Ferrier, Steven Paterson, Stuart Donaldson


SDLP – 3 losses

Alasdair McDonnell, Mark Durkan, Margaret Ritchie


UUP – 2 losses

Tom Elliott, Danny Kinahan



05/06/17 – As early as three days before the election, there were hints of knives being sharpened:

Top Tories publicly SQUABBLE over responsibility for police cuts: calls for Theresa May to RESIGN



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