Merkel To Throw Out 100,000 Refugees In Desperate Election Bid

6th December 2016 / EU


From left: British Prime Minister David Cameron, the President, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Francois Hollande, and Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.

From left: British Prime Minister David Cameron, the President, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Francois Hollande, and Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.

By Graham Vanbergen – Having woken up this morning, the world has changed once again. This particular photo demonstrates just how quickly. The world’s top political leader, President Barack Obama talking with European leaders before their meeting in Hannover, Germany in April this year. Renzi just lost his referendum on the constitution vote and promptly resigned.

Cameron was sacked by the Tory high command for his gamble with Britain, leaving the nation in political chaos, ending with an unelected leader in the guise of hardliner Theresa May. Hollande will not stand in the French elections as his unpopularity matches that of leaders that fuelled the French revolution in 1789. Obama has fulfilled an eight year maximum term; his legacy mainly lying to the American people, carrying out more atrocities in the middle east, not less, and stoking global tensions even more than his predecessor. One should not forget his rather ironic accusations against Fidel Castro recently about human rights, totally forgetting Guantanamo Bay …. in Cuba!

That leaves Angela Merkel. Unable to let go of power and well known amongst her own team, who regularly poll her popularity, the only thing Merkel really stands for is …herself.

Merkel, the most hated leader since Hitler in the southern med for her draconian handling of Greece ended up allowing mass immigration into Germany and the European Union more widely in September last year thinking that this would ‘soften’ her image as a humanitarian global leader. It backfired, and like most out of touch leaders today is starting to react to the popular will of the people before being kicked out of office.

Orthodox priest holds ceremonyA woman places a flowers as others stand at the site where an elderly man fatally shot himself at Athens' main Syntagma square, on Wednesday, April 4, 2012.

Orthodox priest holds ceremony as others stand at the site where an elderly man fatally shot himself at Athens’ main Syntagma square, on Wednesday, April 4, 2012.

Images of desperate elderly Greeks committing suicide in front of the Greek Parliament in Athens and countless numbers thrown onto the streets ending up as beggars along with pensioners unable to withdraw cash from banks to feed themselves and their families have forever been etched into the minds of Europeans, Germans included.

Merkel, already unpopular, to the extent that if an election took place today, would emphatically lose and be pushed back into third place, has ordered 100,000 refugees she willingly accepted to be deported. In some twisted sadistic game involving the lives of people and families, this  action is likely to also backfire as sympathy, although against mass immigration is not pointed at individuals, whereas Merkels actions will be. How are they to be selected? Stories will soon emerge of immigrants often dangerous journeys to Germany demonstrating their relief of being able to settle in the European country.

Merkel could easily have misjudged popular mood yet again as these stories hit the mainstream and accuse her of being nothing more than an ice-cold political operator to save her own bacon, for which the refugees are the sacrificial pawns in a geo-political game of thrones.

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As mentioned, Hollande has stepped aside in France knowing he has no chance. Sarkozy’s bid was nothing more than ego …. plus he’s being investigated as allegations emerge that Gaddafi ‘gave Nicolas Sarkozy €50m for his 2007 presidential campaign. And who is the front-runner to win the French election in April 2017?

Arnaud Montebourg is on the Left-wing, actually quite Left. He will run, and his anti-foreign position stance may make him the best person of a number to run against front runner and serious right-winger Marine LePen.

In addition, Francois Fillon is going to run. He holds many of LePen’s views, making him a good contender. He is also anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim and being more moderate than LePen could be seen perhaps as a more steady hand. He is a however, a Catholic Conservative and doesn’t like gay marriage and wants to ban adoptions of children by homosexual couples.

However, the Western world is not moving with the pollsters who have consistently got it wrong when it counts. The pulse is saying that stability and security is countering neoliberal elitism. People are fed up with the American’s dragging everyone (in the EU) into unpopular wars and then leaving them to clear up the mess in their own backyards, which is how recent mass immigration gained additional traction in the first place.

However, Fillon is a rampant ‘Thatcherite’, exactly the reason ultimately contributing to his loss at the polls next year. On top of that there are five months of bad news coming out of the EU heading everyone’s way to help LePen’s position. It starts with PM of Italy resigning yesterday in what the FT describes as …. yes, you’ve guessed it – “Another blow to the establishment”. The people of the West are getting a taste of getting their own back at the polling booth irrespective of the consequences.

The result has plunged Italy into political crisis and raises fears of banking system turmoil. The euro dropped to its lowest since March 2015 and may well continue if political dominoes start falling.

With Donald Trumps victory in the US comes another piece of news yesterday that surprised millions around the world. At Standing Rock, the US Army has decided not to allow an oil pipeline to go under a reservoir on land it controls in North Dakota in a move praised by protesters. The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe have been protesting against the multibillion-dollar Dakota Access pipeline since April. The win is more of a temporary reprieve. In 2014 the US Army’s own report gave sanction to the project under the watchful eye of President Obama. This could lead to some political boats being rocked as Trump is a big supporter of the 1200 mile pipeline that was supposed to be delivered on January 1st 2017.

The main image in this article has just one leader supported by over 80% of the electorate and is standing firm in middle eastern politics – he does not want dramatic change. Putin is the last man standing as the world sees enormous political changes sweeping through the West. Stability is what people are voting for, not the establishment and not even economic growth – stupid.


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