Why France Is Attacked By Jihad

16th November 2015 / EU, Global

Jihad has, without doubt, hit France harder and with more concentration than all other western countries. Terror attacks against the French is much more common than you might think. Thousands of young people have left France to fight on the side of ISIS or affiliated groups in and around Iraq and Syria.

The murderous attack on the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo, were by two disaffected men of Algerian descent. France has suffered eight attacks in the last 12 months, the latest the most deadly in France’s history.

It should be of no surprise that whilst politicians and the media have jumped at the opportunity to blame ISIS, Syria, refugees and leaky borders, no investigation has taken place or evidence forensically examined and presented. But one thing is known, France is a target by the Muslim community for far more than engaging in Syria recently.

No other western country has had so much involvement in the Middle East and the Muslim world. France in the past has viewed countries like Algeria and lebanon as nothing more than part of its empire – a resource to exploit. After the disaster that was World War One, France seized control over Syria and Lebanon. After dominating these countries and with the subsequent ending of World War Two, France then faced a new conflict in 1954 that it is paying for today.

France only left Algeria after a bloody conflict against the Algerian Independence Movement that lasted eight years from 1954 to 1962. This was a decolonisation war, characterised by guerrilla warfare and terrorism and widespread use of torture on both sides. Subsequently, 91% of French people voted in favour of independence for Algeria with French international prestige shattered and nearly one million Algerians (who fought for the French) fleeing to France.

Most of these desperate settlers were herded to the poor city districts such as Lyon and Paris. When the industrialised areas of northern France shut down due to globalisation of manufacturing, the Algerian refugees stayed. From here, without work, marginalised from French society, excluded from opportunity, this large and expanding Muslim community was a melting pot of anger.

It was the second and third generation of this community who became most angry, bitter and desperate and it had little to do with religion and more about getting even.

French politicians, have over decades, conducted a catastrophic foreign policy by continuing a military and economic intervention plan based on its own interests in the Middle east. But that has meant fighting the likes of al-Qaeda and ISIS in Afghanistan, Iraq and now Syria.

Desperate young French born Muslim men and women view their government as nothing more than mass murderers having seen the devastation of their own communities and the sheer scale of death and carnage in the Middle East. Adding to the built up hatred, they see a government that bans women face-veils, supported by the European courts.

Lost in Translation comes to mind. France adheres to a strict form of secularism, known as laïcité, which is designed to keep religion out of public life. The Muslim community saw this as a personal attack on their way of life that only fuelled a fire.

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An impartial observer may look at current EU geo-politics and ask some salient questions. Extreme politics has found its way into Europe – why? Britain is potentially leaving the EU – why? European people do not want any more war, particularly in Syria – Why? The unelected authoritarian EU bureaucrats that dominate over a continent of 400 million people are becoming very unpopular – why.

The answer to many of these questions can be found in the words ‘refugees’ and/or ‘immigrants’.

It appears that the attacks blamed on and claimed by ISIS has far more to do with disaffected Muslims with Algerian descendancy than ISIS terrorists disguising themselves as Syrian refugees, infiltrating Europe with deadly intent and claiming the carnage as we are all being led to believe.

Now that the ‘Syrian’ suicide bombers conveniently placed passport has been confirmed as a fake, one wonders who is responsible for what. InternationalBusinessTimes – “The Syrian passport recovered from near one of the Paris attackers may be fake, a US intelligence official told CBS news. The document did not contain the correct numbers for a legitimate Syrian passport and the picture did not match the name, said the official.”

It’s not just convenient to use these horrific attacks to blame a different religion and to blame a mass refugee movement, it makes common sense if you’re losing you’re political grip.

The rise of 57 ‘nationalist’ political parties that has emerged in Europe over the last few years, holding 867 political seats of power is as a direct result of EU super-state power grabs. The struggling European people, the majority of which are battling austerity and the dismantling of post war social democracy, see their finite resources finding ways of supporting failed banks and millions of refugees generated by costly unpopular wars. European’s find their democracies under attack by faceless, unelected lawmakers in Brussels and overt pressure from a dwindling and ever desperate American empire demonising economic partners such as Russia – further destroying the brittle balance of their own lives.

What these political power mad psychopaths need right now is a war. Now that President Hollande has declared war on Islamic State, he can call upon NATO to support France.

As GlobalResearch reported yesterday “Europe is needed by the Washington-Wall Street led financial and industrial empire as a trading partner – TTIP – and as a stooge for promoting the master’s agenda around the world. The suddenly ‘found’ Syrian passport clearly indicates the target for a possible NATO intervention.”

A massacre in a major European city, perpetrated by what is perceived as the ultimate terrorist in ISIS was perfect cover for ever more violence. France, with its melting pot of neighbourhood and cultural problems in integrating post colonial people from North Africa was an easy choice for all the actors involved. Blaming religion even easier. What now? Peace – no chance of that. More war equals more death, more grievance leads to more violence, a never ending cycle of hatred. Anxiety and despair is running through the veins of all citizens of Europe.

It doesn’t particularly suit the political and media establishment to focus on the death and carnage two days earlier in France’s former colony – Lebanon, where over forty innocent civilians lost their lives. The global outpouring of grief lavished over Paris has left the residents of Beirut numb and isolated.

The peace talks currently being undertaken in Vienna are now under threat – of course.

Graham Vanbergen – TruePublica


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