Erdogan Ousts Prime Minister, Consolidates Power

6th May 2016 / Global

By Stephen Lendman – Despots dispense with protocol and other democratic procedures, hardening rule by ousting competitors, replacing them with officials they control.

State-controlled media claimed Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu announced his decision to leave on his own accord over differences with colleagues, not failure to do his job properly.

“The fact that my term lasted far shorter than four years is not a decision of mine but a necessity,” he said, hinting at pressure from Erdogan to leave while urging party unity.

He served 20 months as prime minister, planning his departure at a May 22 extraordinary convention. Erdogan made him prime minister. Some believe he’ll install his son-in-law to replace him, current energy minister Berat Albayrak.

Turkish columnist Murat Yetkin said the nation “de facto changed to a presidential system” as of now, changing Erdogan’s nominally ceremonial role to chief executive. As long as he rules unrestrained, his prime minister doesn’t matter.

Friction escalated between both men in recent weeks. On the one hand, Davutoglu called Erdogan a “legendary leader.” On the other, he named himself new ruling AKP party leader.

He opposed Erdogan’s plan to rule unrestrained, intending constitutional changes to assure it. Commenting before both men met yesterday, Erdogan said Turkish officials should never forget how they got their jobs.

Turkish analyst Soner Cagaptay said Erdogan intends consolidating power more firmly than any leader in the nation’s modern history.

He already rules despotically. He wants unchallenged control.


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