TruePublica agrees media partnership with world’s largest climate journalism initiative

29th September 2019 / Global

Covering Climate Now is a global journalism initiative committed to bringing more and better coverage to the defining story of our time.

The initiative includes more than 300 outlets worldwide, and dozens of institutional and independent partners, with a combined audience of more than 1 billion people.

Surprisingly, media partners in the UK are under-represented from a global perspective but does include The Guardian, The i Paper and the radio programme The World, by PRI and the BBC.  The universities of Manchester, Sheffield, Hull and Keele have joined alongside journalists such as Alex Thomson (Channel 4 News) and journals such as Nature, Physics World and Climate News Network.

Our recent partnership with UN (United Nations) News and agreements with Unearthed/Greenpeace, DesmogUK and others, reinforces our commitment to continue reporting on the unfolding climate crisis and the battles ahead.

One bit of excellent news was, frankly, unexpected. Banks, collectively with more than $47 trillion in assets or a third of the global industry, signed up last Sunday to new United Nations-backed responsible banking principles in a massive boost for climate action and the shift from “brown to green” models of economic growth. This is big news for the climate crisis – it means those that backed the fossil fuel industry are now changing horses.

You can look forward to more on the climate crisis at TruePublica.



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