Ukraine: Putin’s staging post for a wider attack

9th March 2022 / Global
Ukraine: Putin's staging post for a wider attack

By TruePublica: There is a reality behind Putin’s attack of Ukraine. It’s a staging post for a wider attack on central Europe. It sounds as though it is a story embedded in a conspiracy theory of sorts, perhaps propaganda to create fear.

The reality is that those in the know – in the intelligence agencies, Russian defectors along with Russia watchers and so on – know what Putin has in mind. This is course assumes that Ukraine is overwhelmed and Putin holds the balance of power.

Our article – Putin’s World War Strategy quotes Gary Kasparov, the Kremlin critic who not only became the world’s best player of the strategic game Chess – but wrote Winter is Coming, a book about Putin’s imperial ambitions. He predicted the attack of Crimea and Ukraine more widely a few years ago.

Two days before Russian forces started shelling Europe’s largest nuclear power plant – Kasparov wrote – “If Putin is not stopped now, not prevented from destroying Ukraine and committing genocide against its people, there will be a next time and it will be in NATO, with an unprecedented nuclear threat. Do not let Putin escalate again in a time and place of his choosing.”

Kasparov went on to say that Putin is a dictator who has already crossed every line and cannot be prevented from escalating with mere restraint. If he destroys Ukraine, he won’t stop. Many military generals (whilst being restrained over a no-fly zone) think the same.

Kasparov formed movements and coalitions opposing the administration and policies of Vladimir Putin. He is also chairman of the Human Rights Foundation and chairs its International Council. His ominous warnings have all come true.

There is more evidence that Putin plans the worst of our fears.

Byline Times reported only last week that – “A secret draft US military document reveals that a decade ago, US Army analysts expected Vladimir Putin to spearhead an acceleration of Russian aggression in Eastern Europe and beyond as part of a 15-year plan to consolidate control of former Soviet states.

That report went on to say – “The internal US military analysis, which was never meant for public consumption, throws new light on how some of the Pentagon’s top military experts anticipated a dramatic intensification of hostilities between Russia and NATO, with Putin planning to subvert Europe through a series of regional military offensives of which hostilities in Ukraine are merely a launching point. The wider goal, the document claimed, is to extend Russian power back across Eastern and ultimately Central Europe.”

In July last year, the Atlantic Council, a think tank published its report into Putin’s mindset – that stated an attack of Ukraine was imminent.

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Putin openly questions the legitimacy of Ukraine’s borders and argues that much of modern-day Ukraine occupies historically Russian lands” – before stating matter of factly, “Russia was robbed.” Putin’s delusional and dangerous article reveals what we already knew: Moscow cannot countenance letting Ukraine go. That piece goes on to say – “Many in his inner circle are known to advocate the use of force”

Putin is quoted again by appearing to suggest that Ukrainian statehood itself ultimately depends on Moscow’s consent, declaring, “I am confident that true sovereignty of Ukraine is possible only in partnership with Russia.”

In 2017, a document published by RAND, another think tank, entitled ‘Russian Views of the International Order’ clearly highlighted likely dangers in the coming years.

U.S. officials and analysts have identified increasing pressure on the existing U.S.-led international order, especially from Russian aggression in Ukraine” and that “Russia has actively opposed the EU and increasingly sought to undermine it .”

The report warned that Putin and therefore Russia – “were headed toward conflict with NATO .” The document was looking at ways to ensure peace and that the international world order was sustainable. It concluded: “From a Russian point of view, Western policies are out of proportion with the balance of power, dangerous to peace and stability, and contrary to established rules or norms of international relations.”

Paragraph 2, page 103 is telling. “As it stands, the United States officially recognizes the right of Ukraine to pursue EU and NATO membership. The US has subsequently offered military and economic support to Ukraine, though carefully limiting and calibrating this support (e.g., no lethal aid) because of concerns about a backlash from Russia. Both sides remain committed to incompatible views of the international order.”

The United Nations were aware of the impending conflict months ago and started preparing. Yesterday, the UN launched its humanitarian logistics priorities for Ukraine, knowing what is likely to happen in the coming weeks and months. It expects several million children to be suffering soon – who will represent half of all refugees from the country.

Lastly, this is an interesting (14 minutes) video of Yuri Alexandrovich Bezmenov who was a Soviet journalist for RIA Novosti and a former PGU KGB informant who defected to Canada. It is worth your time to listen to it. Having absorbed its contents – then consider that the same strategy has been used here in Britain not just to divide us, but to help cause Brexit and therefore, fracture the EU project, which as we have already read – Putin despised. Think of all the accusations of Tories and Russian money and how all of our social division came about. Much of it could easily have emanated from a tactical plan – and we fell for it – just as they did in America. One only has to think of Donald Trump, Steve Bannon and so on – where much of the current narrative involves dirty Russian money.

Do please bear in mind that this was filmed in 1979 – and so some of the language used would not be acceptable today – but it is interesting to listen to what he says about the power plays of undermining free societies.




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